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Source of Introduction

The tape set for 1974-Obstacles-Cleveland (not this talk) -- Side 4 was marked “Blank” but this cassette by chance has beginning of 10/23/78 lecture at Case Western, including introduction. (So the mp3 of introduction has been put in proper the directory, i.e., this talk.)

Since this is a different recording (because it has the introduction) - should it be preserved?

Evidence of missing tape

Rose mentions a talk given "in Pittsburgh the other day" (side 1 at 22:30). But the next earlier talk we have is in June 1978.

"Intuitional Psychology"

(Reference in the first paragraph of the talk.)

Ivan Smith - compiler of a searchable "Collected works of Freud" says that the concept is certainly not Freud's - meaning the Freud didn't use the term and certainly didn't practice it. In the collection there are numerous reverences to "intuition" but none to "intuitional psychology." Most of the hits show that Freud wrote that the intuition was unreliable because it was subjective to oneself. So maybe the term represents disparagement by Freud. Or maybe it was Jung that Rose was thinking of when he made the reference.