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Zen and Common Sense File List

Identified and Unidentified Fragments

These files/tapes were mixed in with Zen and Common Sense


For transcriptions see: Zen-and-Common-Sense-Fragments http://www.direct-mind.org/index.php5?title=Zen-and-Common-Sense-Fragments

4a and 4b go together – an informal meeting but probably not at the farm

The next 2 are now renamed to Cleveland 2 and Cleveland 3 ===> 5a (4 min) and 6a (31 min) go together and are in Cleveland (6a is continuation of 5a)

List of files tested:

Zen and Common Sense

These are Zen and Common Sense – KSU lecture

Goes start to finish with no gaps


Time: 46:02 - Begins: “Our approach to Zen is one of common sense ...”


Time 43:11 – Begins: “... becoming. And this is a change in being because the present being is incompetent”


Time: 26:57 – Begins: “... why do you think a certain way? Who it thinking. This goes all the way to the end of the meeting and contains the words here at Kent”

Files from “Fragments” directory

2A-apple (04:21), 3A (11:36), 3B (05:03), 3C (14:30)-- the essay, time 35:31 (detail further below)

3D (14:51), 4A (01:20), 4B (15:00), 5A (04:24), 6A (31:31) – one or two meetings

Detail of meetings are as follows:

4A and 4B – to resolve

4A is temporarily sn-Cleveland-x4a-fragment-Zen-and-Common-Sense-KSU (01:20)

4B is temporarily sn-Cleveland-x4b-fragment-Zen-and-Common-Sense-KSU (15:00)

3D, 5A and 6A – Cleveland

There is no “Cleveland-1” because the beginning is missing. Numbers start arbitrarily at 2.

5A is now sn-Cleveland-2-Zen-and-Common-Sense (04:24)

6A is now sn-Cleveland-3-Zen-and-Common-Sense (31:31)

3D is now sn-Cleveland-4-Zen-and-Common-Sense (14:51)

Zen and Common Sense Lecture


this IS Zen and Common sense: 1977-0428-Zen-and-Common-Sense-KSU Total time 27:01 00:00 ... and why do you think a certain way? We start to evaluate: Who” is thinking? Where do these thoughts come from? Why you’re forced to think, in a given time, a certain way, and this sort of thing. And unless you realize this, you can’t find a spiritual success ...

This transcription is in the Zen and CS-KSU file

This file ENDS as follows: ...See, in awareness you have a memory of yourself. This is the amazing thing. A lot of people think that when you enter this absolute state you forget. No. You forget your personality but you remember yourself, you’re aware of yourself. But you can see at any given time, you can see the creation in yourself, in the creation. But that doesn’t mean that you’re identified with it. That you love it, that you want to go back and be making a million dollars. That part is absurd. The whole trip seems to be absurd.


Zen and Common Sense Essay

Note: the "white swan on a blue lake" statement is explained on the last side of 1981-Intensive-Farm. Tape dw1 at about min 40:30.

2A-apple, 3A, 3B, 3C -- the essay

These are now combined: “sn-Essay-Zen-and-Common-Sense_part_2A+3A+3B+3C.mp3”

Formerly: sn2a-1977-Zen-and-Common-Sense-to-resolve_part_2A+3A+3B+3C

Combined (time 35:31) Begins: “... and which in turn means that words have positive intention, but often in a negative type of definition. In other words, we can take the word "apple."

2A (time: 04:21 - start of above) Begins: “... and which in turn means” etc. (same as above) was formerly 2A_apple_fragment_Zen_and_Common_Sense_Kent_1979

3A (time: 11:36) begins with “look at man with another mind.” Was formerly: 3A_fragment_Zen_and_Common_Sense_Kent_1979.mp3

3B (time: 05:03) begins with “promises nothing for certain. Then there can be no other way except to retreat.” Was formerly 3B_fragment_Zen_and_Common_Sense_Kent_1979

3C (time: 14:51) begins: “At this point a person might argue about the utilitarian value of Zen, or point out that Zen is largely a system with an unattainable goal” Was formerly 3C_fragment_Zen_and_Common_Sense_Kent_1979.mp3

The Meetings

3D, 4A, 4B, 5A, 6A – one or two meetings

At this point the talk seems to change 3D (time 14:51) now is sn-Cleveland-4-Zen-and-Common-Sense begins “... start to drift in, perhaps to a quotation by Krishnamurti or a quotation from Ouspenski or Gurdjieff or somebody else.” Was formerly 3D_fragment_Zen_and_Common_Sense_Kent_1979.mp3

To identify

4A (time: 01:20) now is sn-Cleveland-x4a-fragment-Zen-and-Common-Sense-KSU begins: “...if you go back with enough? energy you survive death, the death experience. If you don’t go back with enough energy you don’t survive.” Formerly was 4A_fragment_Zen_and_Common_Sense_Kent_1979.mp3

4B (time (15:00) now is sn-Cleveland-x4b-fragment-Zen-and-Common-Sense-KSU begins: “... come from a lot of trauma. He had been through a tremendous lot of trauma. And if you get into this trauma are narcotized by of clergy. So consequently, their experience is – they don’t have the opportunity of going through step by step”


There is no “Cleveland-1” because the beginning is missing. Numbers start arbitrarily at 2.

5A is now sn-Cleveland-2-Zen-and-Common-Sense (04:24) – might be 3

6A is now sn-Cleveland-3-Zen-and-Common-Sense (31:31) – might be 4

3D is now sn-Cleveland-4-Zen-and-Common-Sense (14:51) – might be 2

sn-Cleveland-3-Zen-and-Common-Sense (formerly sn6a)

24:23 -- sound of another cassette recorder changing tapes]

sn6a-26:54 – I met a man right here in Cleveland one time