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To help resolve several tapes that all may be of the same lecture.

Tape List and Comments

Page name + comments + directory name + file name schema (file dm1, dm2, dm3 etc.)

MJ and RC sent files ; SN, SH, DM, BM were made from tapes

1976-0726-Energy-Entities-Lecture-Pittsburgh-Misnamed - LECTURE (SN version 7/29)

There is nothing about energy/entities in the lecture. However there was a MEETING on that date (some versions 7/26, others 7/29) by the same name. 1976-0729-Energy-Entities-Meeting-Pittsburgh

MJ - none

DM - none

SN: 1976-0729-Energy-and-Entities-Lecture-misnamed - files: "sn1-1976-0729-Energy-and-Entities-Lecture-misnamed.mp3" etc.

DW - none

1977-0204-Pittsburgh-February - Has a page of notes.

MJ - none

DM - none

SN: 1977-0204-Pittsburgh - files: "sn1-1977-0204-Pittsburgh.mp3" etc.

BM: 1977-0204-Pittsburgh-to-resolve - files: "bm1-1977-0204-Pittsburgh.mp3" etc.

1977-0224-University-of-Pittsburgh - Has a page of notes. PZ news says 90 people attended.

MJ << orig: 1977-0224-OGG-Pittsburgh - files: "1 Rose - Pittsburgh 2-24-77.ogg" etc.

MJ << orig: 1977-0224-Pittsburgh - files: "1 RR-Pittsburg 2-24-77.mp3" etc.

MJ << current: 1977-0224-Pittsburgh - files: "mj1-1977-0224-Pittsburgh.mp3" etc.

DM: 1977-0224-University-Pittsburgh - files: "dm1--1977-0224-University-Pittsburgh.mp3" etc.

SN - none

RC: 1977-0224-Rose-Pittsburgh - files: "rc1-1977-0224-Rose-Pittsburg.mp3" etc.

DW is unverified - from emailed tape list and DW's directory images only

DW: 1977-0224-Pittsburgh - dm directory: "Pittsburgh 2-24-77.mp3"

1978-0406-Group-Meeting-with-Rose-Pittsburgh - << First pass << Use this

  • Original title was "1978-0406-Meeting" (Pittsburgh}
  • In the title: "with Rose" was added by SH to avoid the implication it was a group meeting without him.
  • But this is a lecture, not a group meeting
  • Rose says "there are 40 or 50 people here" but this was toward the end.

MJ << orig: 1978-0406-Meeting - files: "1 Rose - Meeting 4-6-78.mp3" etc.

MJ << current: 1978-0406-Meeting-Pittsburgh-has-dups - files: "mj1-1978-0406-Meeting-Pittsburgh.mp3" etc.

DM: 1978-0406-Lecture-Pittsburgh-at-256 - files: "dm0-reading-1978-0406-Lecture-Pittsburgh.mp3" AND "dm1-1978-0406-Lecture-Pittsburgh.mp3"

SN - none

1978-0406-Zen-The-Most-Perfect-Psychoanalysis-Pitt-missing-tape - Has a page of notes.

This is a missing tape that has the same date as the next above.

However, the subject matter identified so far does not match the title.

Files: missing or under different name.

To Do

  • Reexamine and reconcile the original file names: MJ, SN, DM, BM, any other
  • Compare all the other recordings with that transcript.

This is good stuff

And should be published.