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Robert Martin's book

Several pages on Sheldon Scott, Rose became involved 1956-1958

page 64 -- about Dec. 1955

However, his meeting with the reverend was satisfactory, and indeed led Rose to some useful contacts in the Wheeling area. Sheldon Scott, a chemist in Steubenville, Ohio, not far from Wheeling, had for years headed a psychic studies group. While working on his thesis, the minister met Scott. Thus, through the clergyman, Rose was able to meet Scott and his people. Shortly after RS returned to West Virginia, I got the following brief communication.

Then on page 69

For the next couple of months, Rose was active in the Steubenville Society for Psychic Research, which had faded away some time before, but which Rose now helped Sheldon Scott to rejuvenate

TAT Journal Article

Spirit-World Research by Louis Greene

Mr. Scott is city chemist at Steubenville, Ohio.

" ... The following indicates a case in which the entity contacted seems, at least from our viewpoint, to have a completely altered time sense. This séance was held by the Steubenville Psychic Research Society May 13th, 1935: ..."

Correspondence SH and AF


I'm fairly sure that its one and the same group. R may have even called it slightly different over the years. I can find out, but its not going to be any time soon, if at all. I don't know if Cecy has the D'Alberti papers put away somewhere or whether she has given it to Tatia. Will ask.

From SH

It would be interesting to see if the D'Aliberti's went clear back to the 1930s. Martin says R's helped the leader Sheldon Scott to rejuvenate the group, about 1956.

If you recall, someplace, can't remember where, R was speaking to the wife of some unidentified man, questioning his psychic abilities. R saws the woman said, "My husband has read a lot of books." Then R says something like "That was good enough; she didn't need to betray her husband." That's obviously the conversation Martin is referring to - p. 69-72.


Wife of John Kapitka at John-Kapitka

Rev and Mrs D'Alibertti at Alfred-D'Alibertti

blurb - temp

By SH. Prob. a dup of stuff above.

Moved to here from a lecture footnote that was in 1974-Fall-Public-Meeting-Kent-State-Q-and-A

For investigations by this group in the 1930s see “Spirit-World Research” by Louis Greene in the TAT Journal, Issue 14, 1986. Green references Sheldon Scott was the leader of the group then, and also when Rose joined and helped rejuvenate it in 1956. See Peace to the Wanderer, pages 69-72.