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Collect anecdotes from various talks on Reverend Aldred.

Rose Correspondence

Rose's letter to group about event 1958-0903 = 4 pages typed

Materialization at Ashley, Ohio, White Lilly Chapel Labor Day 9/1/1958 at 8 pm. List of people attending. Arrived early and spoke with Rev. Aldred, comments on his resistance to investigation, feuds with other mediums, feminine characteristics, detailed decription of all that transpired, Midget,etc., as recounted in public talks. Phenomena genuine, Alred and Fling are sincere. Rose's conclusions regarding mediums and investigations. Midget indicated tto be female, 3 feet high. More description of what transpired.

Rose correspondence with Rev Aldred. 1958-0910 = 2 pages typed

Appears to be an attempt to smooth some feelings Aldred and Fling may have had in reaction to some skeptical remarks at the séance [White Lilly]; a wish to work again with her. (Mrs Fling or Mr.?)

Letter to Mr Fling 1958-0910 = 1/2 page typed

An expression of thanks to Fling for the séance on Labor Day [White Lilly] and remarks to the "genuineness" of the phenomena observed.

Rev Aldred - Midget

Kids say Midget torments the Rev as he sleeps


It took us quite awhile to find this materializing medium. It was a Presbyterian minister and his group in Steubenville that located him, and he was in Muskegon, Michigan. He's been dead now for four or five years. We found out he was coming to Delaware, Ohio, the White Lilly Chapel, to materialize. We got two carloads together, about ten or twelve people from Wheeling and Steubenville. There was no great racket, there was no fleecing. Because he only charged three dollars apiece, and it cost him more than that to come down from Michigan. There were four or five local people that came in also, so there was a group of about eighteen people there.

From 1977-1004-Psychology-of-Zen-Science-of-Knowing-OSU

The fellow who was the medium had a familiar spirit – they call it a cabinet guide in Spiritualism – and he called this thing “Midget”. He also had two children. Well, the first time we checked him out was something like thirty years ago. And the last time we checked him out was about ten years ago. [actually 19 years]. Well the first time, he was a rather young man; his children were small. He came into Steubenville and a minister put him up at his house. But if you want to know something about somebody and you don’t mind being sneaky, talk to his kids. So, we’re all curious about the real nature of this character, and the minister says to the children, “What do you think of Midget?” And the children said, “We don’t like Midget.” They saw it. “Why don’t you like Midget?” “Because he won’t let Daddy sleep. When Daddy’s trying to sleep, Midget comes out and jumps on his stomach.” You know, tugs, pulls at him, touches him and stuff.

From 1974-Fall-Public-Meeting-Kent-State-Q-and-A

The one we had was a fellow from Muskegon, Michigan, and we set it up in Delaware, Ohio, a little bit north of Columbus, at the White Lilly Chapel. That was the first one I saw, but they had one previous to that in Steubenville, Ohio. He came down for that. We just encountered him by luck, accident, you might say, after many months of digging, trying to sort the garbage from the better ones.

White Lily Chapel

Still in existence. Website:

I have misspelled this as White Lilly Chapel in several lectures. (erroneously 2 letter L)