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Richard Rose and Paul Wood

In 1978-0511-Relative-and-Absolute-OSU-Columbus Rose says he met Wood only one time.

Footnote to that talk says Bob Martin wrote in the book that they met twice.

In 1991-1006-Augies-Apartment-Raleigh Rose says, "I never questioned him."

Rose mentions Paul Wood in nearly every lecture.

Rose met Wood in 1963 AFTER Rose encountered Pulyan (1960-1961)

Robert Martin's Book

Robert (Bob) Martin's book Peace to the Wanderer has a ton of info on Wood. Search on "Leon". His full name was Leon Paul Wood.

Newspaper Articles and Discussion

Paul Wood story, containing article: 'Mystical Christian' Presents Beliefs, plus other links

Obituary, Leon Paul Wood:

Age Calculation

Do not change this link. Referenced in 1974-Fall-Public-Meeting-Kent-State-Q-and-A. Here Rose mentions that an enlightenment experience is traumatic but that Paul Wood had no physical after-effects.

Paul Wood’s experience occurred probably in his mid to late 30s. According to his obituary, Wood was born December 16, 1917 and was discharged from the service June 13, 1945, i.e., at age 27. Martin met Wood about 1959 when Wood would have been 41-42 (Martin estimated 44). Martin wrote that Wood’s cosmic consciousness experience had been “several years previous.” Rose met Wood in 1963.

Interestingly, Martin wrote that Wood’s concentration on the Lord’s Prayer was “a couple weeks”. Peace to the Wanderer, p. 91-93.