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Direct-Mind.Org is a tool for research into the works of Richard Rose and his system of self-knowledge known as the Albigen System.

Due to copyright restrictions, use of this Wiki is closed to the general public, although you will be able to read most pages. The website can only be used for Research, Educational and Noncommercial purposes, in order to stay within "Fair Use" provisions of US copyright law. By using this website you agree to be bound by these restrictions. See here for details:

A search on the web will exhibit a wealth of information on Richard Rose and his teaching.

A partial collection of lectures in PDF format, and other historical information on Richard Rose is here:

If you wish to participate in the research project, please send an email via the contact form at this link:

The full list of known recordings is on the following page in this Wiki:

A spreadsheet in a different format is here:

Thanks very much.