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I Believe You ... You Are Lying

Source: http://tatfoundation.org/forum2015-08.htm#6

I Believe You

1. Where do you go after death?

2. An old person looks dead before they die.

3. A person who dies in old age is for all eternity,- a dying person.

4. An old person has a smell, which shall stay with him for all eternity.

5. An old person forgets or loses his mind, etc.

6. An old person has mental lusts.

7. An old person is forgotten if not hated by their children and friends before they die.

8. Eternity is filled with babies whose diapers are full.

9. Eternity is filled with stench and ugliness.

10. Eternity is filled with rotting memories that rot for all eternity.

You Are Lying

1. After death you become perfection.

2. An old person loses the ugly ego of vanity.

3. An old person who, by dying, loses that vanity is for all Eternity,-a more perfect Being.

4. The body and all its characteristics remain discarded; the soul is free.

5. Death brings the mind to an unqualified state.

6. When the body goes, emotion and lust go.

7. Those who were ever loved are never forgotten,-they become eternal symbols of love in our minds.

8. In eternity all adults are babies, and all babies are mature.

9. Unpleasant experiences in this life give way before an eternal awareness of Isness.

10. In eternity there is no need for memories because all is at all times.

I Believe You

1. Eternity if it possesses forms, is filled with forms, hideous and hungry.

2. Eternity has a rotten heaven, filled with forms that are facts,-gruesome facts.

3. If, in eternity you lost corruption and regained perfection of form,-would you recognize yourself?

4. The brain will rot and with it your thoughts.

5. A corpse leaves weeping children behind who know that they are waiting to become rotting corpses.

6. A baby brings a moment of joy and years of recrimination.

7. He who dies in a sewer is reluctantly buried by even those who loved him.

8. When your skin is gone beauty and love are gone.

9. Mucous membrane is most unstable, being quick to decay,-so is the love that lived for the mucous membrane.

10. Beautiful are eyes,-but only while living.

You Are Lying

1. Beauty is formlessness because form involves change and time, and these involve suffering.

2. Heaven created by man is ugly and rotten, heaven as it is, is our Self.

3. You will recognize every love in heaven because you will find your Self.

4. The brain and body will disappear,-like dreams to be forgotten for a brighter day.

5. A corpse weeps for its dead children.

6. A baby is an angel descending, an old man dying is an angel released.

7. No one dies anywhere.

8. When you no longer see beauty in your skin you may awaken to other beauty, i.e., reality.

9. When you die,-the world disappears, and those things which we believed in the most are the first to go.

10. The beauty of your eyes is eternal.