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Bart's version recording notes

Esoteric Library Vol 1 - VI

6 x 90 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 at -13 dB, 22%

Vols I, II and III do not have gaps from editing, except for a small few.

side 1

Vol 1 side A - opens in middle of LOC. At min 8 he starts at the beginning of the list ("here's something on the same lines")

Galanternik is present

side 2

Vol 1 side B - continues with side A - starts with qualities of the mind, including forgetfulness

side B min 10 it's "25 min after 11:00"

side 2 min 28: "in January and February I was compiling the Direct-Mind book" (published July 1985)

So this would be August 1985

Harnish is present

side 2 min 41 -- break for lunch

side 3

Vol 2 side A - starts with: "only method of growth we have bipolar classroom" etc.

side A ends with Rose saying where he used to live in Akron, age 23

side 4

Vol 2 side B continues with address in Akron -- approaching death experience every night

Side B About min 22 - can learn to be somewhat conscious in dream;

Rose was trying to use trance work. but my brother showed up.

Side B Minute about 40 - mentions McIntyre - not by name, Sam Weiser & Conquest of Illusion

also Eliphas Levi book acquired in Denver. Formula for protection in time of attack by entities

side 5

Vol 3 side A - continues with story, Levi, witch in Benwood. [i.e., no gap]

This is afternoon session: "We'll knock off at about 5 o'clock."

Minute 39 quotes Tilopa, Mahamudra

End of side A - "I took my head out of her head"

side 6

Vol 3 side B: Continues with story (no gap) - refers to "the new book" D-M Exp. again

Pulyan - "I could feel his head in mine"

More on Jane Slater. More on transmission

Side B min 17 starts a new session. Cameron Mitchell casino movie. Reads Tweeny Town

More on transmission

side 7

Vol 4 Side A - Lou Khourey gives introduction. Morning session

Starts with talking about newspaper reporter Sharpe, Pittsburgh Press

Transcribed as 1983-0806-August-Chautauqua

Published in Direct-Mind Experience, Chapter 4

[side 1, minute 35:50 ] note - from here, transcription is not verbatim

side 8

Vol 4 Side B -

Continues with story of sister-in-law who became a Nazarene

In transcription (in book) - some questions are included in transcription but excluded from

this version of the recording. Differences complicated, some marked on Wiki page

side 9

Vol 5 Side A -

Continues pattern - some questions from transcript were edited out of this recording.

Side B at 27:10, volume too loud, so reduced here from -14 dB, 20% to -17 dB, 14%

Tape starts jamming at about min 40 but last 5 min re-recorded okay

side 10

Vol 5 Side B

continues, no gap

Jane Slater story

TRANSCRIPTION ENDS HERE(wiki, html, book) ends on side 10, minute 23:20

Bob Martin and Pete Pankush

Bankers are mopping up all the money

NOTE Volume 6 cassette is marked August 1996, but this is recording is continuation of August 1983 (Vols IV, V, VI)

The date is certain because it's published in D-M Exp., which was published about July 1985, as noted in Vol 1, side B (above)

side 11

Vol 6 Side A - no gap, a little overlap.

Continues with story about bankers

ends with talking about priorities. Fighting for way up you see the priorities.

side 12

Vol 6 side B

Continues with priorities

Radha Soami sect

Many edits - questions out

Dream about father

John Peré - friend of Kapitka

In dream, have to stop running and start killing.

min 29, woman crapped her pants. "I gave Casari her feet".

min 32. First time I saw headache was Rob Ayers

Tape ends in middle of very interesting spot. Need the rest.

== end ==