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As published in TAT Forum – February 2016 issue:

Email from Art to SH Feb 2, 2016: “I don't have any info on where or if the 3D talk notes were used. I don't recall ever hearing the material, and I don't remember where I got the file (not my notes, for sure).”

Forum Post

[Notes for a lecture.]

Keys: Decision, Determination, Discrimination


Set a goal (subject to change, but make the goal permanent until the conviction for change is accompanied by opportunity to change).

Set sub-goals and in order.

Make commitment to accept all means to your goal – all suffering or work provided such acceptance does not [interfere with the goal].

Determination: (Courage)

CONTINUALLY WORK for ways to accelerate your adventure.

Prefer the company of colleagues over pleasant but aimless social contacts.

Work relentlessly, but without drudgery.


DO NOT WORK FOR YOURSELF (very important).

Plan intelligently, but incorporate in your plans a desire to know and work within the master blueprint of life and the cosmos.

Cover all the factors related to your goal. Now this is impossible with a mind whose thoughts are counted in seconds, whose attention span is limited to minutes, whose waking period is limited to hours and whose energy is limited to days. THE FACTORS ARE LEGION.

How can this be done. This seems to be the chief key if such exists – whether the goal is spiritual, mental, or objective (i.e. material).


LIVE FOR THE TRUTH (so that your computer will function for correct answers). BUT KNOW WHEN TO AVOID TELLING THE TRUTH.

Value true friendship.

Find the ways to develop intuition (instant computerization) to understand:


The engineer's blueprint.

Libertarianism or predestination?

Prenatal accidents or inheritance of limitations.

The animal self. The appetites.

The ego.

States of mind – your own and other people's. (You have to work with others.)

Formulae with incomplete knowledge of factors:

You go to church and follow its rules, but a thief ruins you, or something destroys your family.

You work honestly and hard but inflation wipes out your life's savings.

You rigidly follow a law and order philosophy, but a sadistic policeman kills your son in jail.

You love almost everyone including your mate – but the mate hates you, uses you and takes off with your bank account and another man or woman.

You use positive thinking religiously, but everyone you know succeeds with a dog-eat-dog philosophy, while you get nowhere.

Ask for opinions on the following:

Napoleon, Hitler, Idi Amin, Grant, Nixon, Ed VIII, Howard Hughes, the Egyptians such as Akenaton.

Positive thinking.

Chanting, or will to believe.

The reason some [spiritual or religious] groups raise millions.

Faith, except faith in yourself or faith that all things happen by design and that there is room for us in the design.

Positive thinking may be selfishly directed.

Good works, charity, etc. (What is good).

Prayer (unless you pray to yourself).

Thaumaturgical rites or magic.


Causing things to happen.

J.B. Rhine and dice.

The gambler and dice, cards, etc.

The casino story (danger of improper use [of between-ness; based on a film where an old prospector down to his last dollar rolls up big winnings in a casino, goes off with a fancy woman, and drops dead]).

The Colin Wilson story Mind Parasites.

Napoleon Hill [Think and Grow Rich].

Huna (danger from harmful intent).

Direct Mind Science

1. Assembling of quantum energy.

2. Direct mind exercise (ESP exercises, reading your own dreams).

3. Mind control. Ability to lock out undesirable and unnecessary thoughts. This creates the mental vector.

4. Limiting mental activity to the goal (sharpening the vector).

5. Allow things to happen. Rejoice but do not brag.


Cosmic Consciousness

All is perfect.

But the babies are still murdered.

Man and animal breeds almost uncontrollably.

Behind that perfection is programming.

We are programmed to like certain foods. The cat does not abhor the hair on the mouse – the whole thing has exquisite taste coupled with a programmed joy in hunting and a lust in killing.

The rabbit is programmed to eat vegetation, perhaps to cause resistance in the plants which would make them hardier. The fox is programmed to eat rabbits and it is my attitude that the predator stimulates the species of the food supply, preventing overpopulation, disease-spreading by such ones, and apathy or carelessness in the victim.

Mileposts – Spiritual or Financial

1. You begin to doubt others whom you were inclined to believe.

2. You learn that you are not right all the time.

3. You reach certain convictions and plateaus and are inclined to think that each plateau may well have another superior to it.

4. You recognize that your intuition is improving and find that your intuition is capable of sensing techniques for greater intuitive accuracy.

5. You find Peace of Mind.

6. You begin to pinpoint things which destroy your peace of mind.

7. Struggle for the adventure of it, and look for the advantage that may follow every loss.

8. You reach the ability for between-ness.

9. You continue to work after ambitions have proven ridiculous, even spiritual ambition. FOR ALL TIME YOU ARE THE VECTOR OF YOUR WILL.

10. People surprise you by wanting to live with or near you.

11. You realize that you have met the finest people on earth. Their unselfishness will continue to astound you.

12. You must know when your work is done.

All of us are programmed. All of us are limited. The fox is not king. The predator is not superior. If he multiplies too much his food supply will diminish and he will weaken. He will acquire rabies and run around biting other foxes.

The human predator is not absolved from doom if he ventures too far into apathy or too far into killing or reproducing.

The human has automobiles, wars, herpes, and AIDS to shorten his life-span.




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