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Pulyan correspondence, letters to Richard Rose


Comments by 'Wanderling' on Pulyan

[Also coincidence with R's brother James Rose]

In real life my suspicions tend to point in another direction. It is my belief that Pulyan's teacher was the actual person my mentor knew and it was through HER my mentor "knew" Pulyan. That is to say, I do not know for sure if he and Pulyan knew each other in the classical sense or if the two just "knew OF each other," say through a letter of introduction or word of mouth of a mutual friend. If Pulyan's teacher had been a student of my mentor or they just happened to travel in the same circles at one and the same time is not known. The interesting part is a connection of sorts regarding a man by the name of Richard Rose. Richard Rose was a man of great spiritual Attainment that would eventually become one of Pulyan's most avid advocates.

Many years before that eventuality --- or I ever heard of Richard Rose --- while still in high school, I worked for a former merchant marine that had been badly burned when the ship he was on was torpedoed by German submarines. Some ten years following that torpedo strike, between my sophmore and junior years in high school, my Merchant Marine Friend, due to long term complications from injuries incurred during the attack, his body basically just shut down and he died. Around that same time the man who would come to be my spiritual guide and Mentor bought and moved into the house next to my grandmother's, who I was living with at the time. I truly missed the camaraderie, friendship and talks with the merchant marine. When my mentor came along, although what he and I discussed seemed on the opposite end of the spectrum, and because neither my father or a father figure was really around much in those days, my mentor filled a huge empty gap in my life. One day, for no real reason I can remember, my experience with Franklin Merrell-Wolff came up after I had been talking about the merchant marine --- like I often did --- but this time how my merchant marine friend had survived being burnt following a torpedo attack and mysteriously found weeks, possibly months later still alive, floating out in the middle of the open ocean strapped to a piece of debris. It was like I had hit my mentor in the head with a hammer. He told me while traveling he met a man either in the Pacific Northwest or from the Pacific Northwest who was similar to Merrell-Wolff and that oddly enough the man's brother, a merchant marine, was killed when his ship was torpedoed by German submarines during World War II. The shock of his brother's death in war, that is his brother's selfless attitude compared to what he, either right or wrong, deemed to be his own rather shallow ego-based pursuits at the time, is what sent him on his spiritual quest --- basically the exact same thing that happened to MY mentor when he saw his own best friend die in front of his eyes at the hands of the Germans during World War I. (see)