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Also see 1993-1103-NCSU-Chapel-Hill-video

There is overlap.


unknown Mr. Rose -- probably the videotape

This is an OCR scan of 5 pages of typed notes.

Part 1

Anything in this dimension can't be given.

Formula for creation can't be given.

Don't try to go for enlightenment.

Main thing is to get past ignorance.

Find out why you are doing things. When you do your life will change.

Be celibate. [ this ties in with fight]

Salvage energy.

Go after books. Meditation.

Arguing in your own mind.

Find your obstacles.

Meditation should be productive thinking.

lf you have a faculty - learn to develop it further.

Do things that will provoke your mind to think.

Not learn ABCs.

Find an absolute answer with a relative mind.

How to heal - generate that power in silence.

Energy can only be channeled in one direction.

Your direction has to be one of acquisition.

Betweenness is the formula.

When you are in control of yourself you will feel powerful.

This isn't fiction, a built-up ego.

Power that can be transferred from one person to another.

There's an open door.

lf you ever want to go through that door, you fight your way up to it.

There are people who have the ability to go through the whole trip.

Number one they should fight.

The symptom of success is when you people start fighting.

"l will take leave of thee" - That's what life is - vagueness.

Everything is a postulate.

Zen is a perfect psychological system because it defines.

Religion is belief.

A person must define themselves.

What are we besides a body?

I knew I had become one with the Absolute.

This whole planet is fiction.

Lay out a lifestyle. Continually prod them to examine themselves - look into themselves - to define themselves.

There is no God outside yourself.

You do not learn anything in this life. You become.

Confrontation - conception - coloration. You find out if he can stand the truth.

Only way you can get him to know what it is about is to question him, and that's confrontation.

When you question any consciousness it will have to answer you or leave.

That's the Zen technique for everything.

To bring about the supreme mental state that you need.

24 hours a day we are wrapped up not in fact - not in our definition.

The physical you acquires nothing.

The person himself - the observer - finds reality.

Knowing there's life after death means you have to walk across and back.

Your function is reproduction. Creating fertilizer for the earth.

You might as well relax. This is a madhouse.

lf you want to get ahead, watch your energy.

lf a person is not trying to work this thing out, but trying to force a mental picture onto somebody else - they will be the ones who have to see-the foolishness.

The things that are hording up your personality are the negative things that have happened to you.

You need all your energy to do this.

You have to know. To know what you can do.

You don't get the action from the books.

Religion is easy.

To do anything n a spiritual sense immediately causes antagonism.

That's the animal body fighting back. “Don't block me …”

Part 2

You can be anything you want to be - going from a point of your own power.

Half the stuff that comes into your head comes in from outside intelligences.

Our thoughts are not our own.

Keep your head so that if it happens you will be responsible.

Get the details on how to get there and let people know.

Few people get past the animal state.

I believe you can project yourself anywhere you want to.

The direct mind is the way to find it.

Going in the mind.

You're born with so much potential for energy – a train with a hopper full of coal.

lQ not the greatest value. Rather to develop intuition.

Desert with no RR tracks.

Have to go on intuitional hunches.

These are sign posts along the road.

You've got to accomplish something before you die. The most miserable death you can have is while you are dying know you’ve been dead for years.

And that you might have had a chance to be something. To be conscious.

Walking body. What's a soul?

A person in that situation doesn’t find a soul. Become a soul.

Understanding today that nobody perishes - doesn't mean you,[ be conscious.

Period of unconsciousness - this is it.

Male thinking.

Trying to get somewhere before a deadline.

Male outlook on death. Female - no preparation.

The whole path to truth is through the umbilical cord. A mental umbilical cord.

We think that we have to use logic.

But when Enlightenment hits you there’s nothing logical about it.

So you're going through a battle & you don’t know what you’re up against.

You get stuff thrown at you.

There's a better attitude to have _ rejoice in freeing yourself from things.

And that's never erased. It's never attacked.

Here's a law you tap into - a law of nature - that protects the innocent.

"Those who the Gods would destroy they first make fat with pride."

In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven you must become as a little child.

That's innocence - innocence protects you.

And something has to protect you - because you have to become.

There is no learning the truth.

You become by - your body changes.

Your energy & intuition change and you can see clearly.

Otherwise you're always making excuses for doing things some voice told you to do, because there might be a lot of fun in it. The body talks. The entities talk through the body.

You have to start with the recognition that we do not have the truth.

All my life I've been bursting bubbles.

People come out with statements that appear irrefutable - and we accept them.

lf you're a seeker of truth you should pick up the fallacies.

A searcher of truth can never be an acceptor, you have to be a challenger.

We flatter ourselves by saying we're looking for the truth - but we always stop short.

It's a tiresome thing to go through the books.

There's always room for the thing to be a charade.

When you start to become - lies irritate you.

I can't respect liars.

When you reach this point it seems like a stopping point.

But I maintain it's a beginning point.

Before that, we were living with manifest lies - deliberate lies.

But in the pursuit of transcendental, esoteric material, where you don't have a foot to stand on …

Still you have to put in years checking out movements.

Unfortunately we don't have a word that gives the connotation of what you're doing. So the use of the word Zen.

But knowledge shouldn't be qualified by a single movement, because these movements are possibly corrupt.

I do believe there's system, which we call Zen, that searches for the Truth.

And it's a process of challenging everything.

It's good to challenge a person's thinking. You get them out of their daydreaming by saying "Hey - what are you thinking - why are you thinking it?"

So there are 2 truths.

First - Quest for the Crooks. Has nothing to do with esoteric philosophy.

Esoteric philosophy - Capital T Truth is the procedure you go by that you can't measure, but your intuition lets you know you're safe.

Find out we have a factor [faculty?] we have to encourage.

With intuition we're not come to a complete halt. We're still seekers.

Transmission Papers - space travel by using gravity of planets - slingshot.

Sucked into planet - reverse gravity

This is what we do spiritually. Every step we look at we have to be able to reverse our gravity. Stay away from things that suck us into a dead stop.

Keep rejecting the magnetism with a force in ourselves.

Keep active along the direction of truth. Discovery.

Then you find out you don't discover anything - you become.

I've just given you a formula for going after some phase of the truth.

When you reach it - don't live with it.

You have to take an ax and chop the door down.

l'm going to oppose things that drag me down into carnal thinking.

Then you allow things to happen.

It comes only as a result of a tremendous wall built up against all this stuff – that bombards you with being a functional blob of protoplasm.

There's a certain dynamism and a certain level that a person has to get to, to get in tune with my head.

lf you prepare for a session - you sit in a circle - and you can see the energy.

l'm two people. lf you live on this planet you have to eat and crap and make a living.

Its only when you get overburdened with ego - chopping off the head is losing the ego.

We have to be egotistical, to be vain, to survive.

The female has to be a butterfly.

The male has to be a hero.

Get so engrossed in their own importance, or security - trying to be perfect, to be canonized - chop off the head.

I believe in fighting. It’s a battle.

Determined and angry enough.

As to be a consistent lifestyle.

Throw up a barricade in which you can’t be attacked.

What you're basically fighting is impulses, and these impulses may originate in entities.

We generally fight people. Boy wants the outlet.

Discrimination very important.

Have to know thin ice from heavy ice.

Have to know the capacity of your mind to experience.

lf you can learn that and allow your mind to do some digging for you - experimentation - open up some new doors.

Are you going to sleep another 5 years?

Person will respond to their own hunger.

If a person is intuitive they will know 1) whether I’m a liar or not and 2) whether they should act or forget it.

You can't do this when you get old.

I can tell by the substance of a person how much determination they have.


we have to fatten up the head before we chop it off. Have to do a lot of studying. Have to be virtuous. conservation of energy - body function to transmit mind into discovery.