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Title 1993-1101-NC-State-University-Raleigh-November
Recorded date Nov. 11, 1993
Location NC-State-University-Raleigh
Number of tapes 3 cassettes: Tape 1 (side 1 = 32 minutes; side 2 = 32 minutes)

Tape 1 (side 3 = 32 minutes; side 4 = 31 minutes) Tape 3 (side 5 = 32 minutes; side 6 = xx minutes)

Other recorders audible?
Alternate versions exist?
No. of MP3 files 6 including introduction, file #0

On first pass there were files 0 thru 6 = 7 files. See notes below: Files 5 and 6 were spliced together, so 0 thru 5 = six files

Total time
Transcription status
Link to distribution copy http://distribution.direct-mind.org/
Link to PDF http://distribution.direct-mind.org/ Or try http://selfdefinition.org/rose/
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Audio quality Audio quality mostly good. Side 5 and 6 are muddy (timbre of voice, RR says he has a cold).
Identifiable voices George, Shawn (?), Bart
URL at direct-mind.org https://www.direct-mind.org/index.php?title=1993-1101-NC-State-University-Raleigh-November
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Same as video of same date?

Is video the same as the Mr Rose video, supposedly from 1991?

File 1

Side 1 = 32 minutes total.

File 0 – 6 minute introduction by George Buehler

File 1 – 26 minutes. Corresponded with A. Pulyan for a couple years. AP went right to work sorting garbage from truth, didn’t make it a business, no money. Tibetan for of Buddhism and Zen is perpetual questioning. Listen to all the movements and try to find if there is truth in them. Always a bit of venality in all movements. The more you focus on it the more you become. Gurdjieff, profound knowledge of human mind. Lock person up in cave until they find. Somewhere you will find yourself disappointed with your lifestyle. Exercises and books to keep your mind on the subject, but you will find little gifts, that you’re being fed certain information, that you can make the trip and return. Certain faculties develop. Each person has to fight his way through. Tendency to give up because you’re making no progress but one day you find yourself alive. Tibet – shock system, get what you want or die in the cell. Every person can acquire. You should start when you’re young. RR started as a child. Couldn’t find God in the communion wafer. I found that I didn’t believe any of it. Started studying movements. To believe is error. You can’t have faith in something that slips out of you mind as soon as you utter the word. In the pursuit doors open, you get capacity to cause things, shows that you are on the track. But pursuing phenomena is sidetrack. 30 years old, Seattle, decided to get married, made jackass out of myself. Back to library, meditation. Meditation: don’t do it according to clock; do it until you get tired, rest, and do some more. Pain in head and out the window to Cascade mountains. No snow. Realized I was dead. Beautiful place but nobody here but me. Wanted to see people, saw humanity. This is everything, I wonder what nothingness is. Fell back to world. Looked for consolation, priest in Catholic Church; priest asked why he hadn’t been to confession. Anger at his answer was a healing event. Bus back to Cleveland. Bob’s wife says, “You’ve lost your ego.” Tried to understand experience. Spiritual search becomes a burden to people; people should take a burden and sit with it. Later started talking at universities.

File 2

File 2 – 32 minutes. Started at farm late 1960s. Some of them just looking for place to smoke pot. Set up TAT later. A few people serious, wanted to amount to something on an esoteric level. No great sages but they read the books. Established groups, Pittsburgh, etc. Giving talks. Goal is self.

Reads from notes, interspersed with comments (starts at minute 3:00): “Where is the truth to be found? In the words of saints? … Perhaps we need not die to understand the abilities of the human mind. … Do we know the mind? Students of mysticism are often surprised by the discovery of magical mental abilities. … “ Joseph Sadony (1877-1944) in Michigan. Psychic abilities. Power left him for exactly one year after experience with money (stock market). RR continues reading: “The mind of man has not reached a true knowledge of the human mind, the individual’s mental capacities. … The psychic seer does not divulge his method, the healer does not explain his expertise, so that the miracles are not learned by honest searchers.” Group member visited Sadony’s place in Michigan. I don’t know the mechanics but I know these things happen. You start looking and you’ll find it. Examples in Bible, Christ healing by touch, energy. Brain becomes foggy after dissipation of energy, every human being. Little by little you realize that there’s a mental place that you live from, same as a physical place. And the mental is more powerful than the physical. First realization is that it’s possible to survive. Next thing is to help someone else. There’s a law. You don’t do it like you’re going to lay a big egg. When you desire to find out whether you’re immortal or not, your mind is ready to take on the problem. But you have to have been focused on something esoteric. Magic can affect the material body. Sadony predicted or caused lightening. Look for this stuff when you’re reading biographies. Watch people. All animals operate with intuition. Loose word ‘instinct’. Intuition an instantaneous computerization, reaction from all data acquired by person in life. Warning voices in the head corroborated later. Apollonius of Tyana, vision at a distance. Pursuit of moral lifestyle, déjà vu, foreknowledge of deaths. So why identify these talents? Because we’re dealing with abstractions, such as what is death. Intuition leads one to act before all data is in. Religion, transcendental knowledge always undefined. Science may later confirm. Science helpless without intuition. Example of non-engineer at submarine plant having an intuition about fluid transfer. Where did he get this intuition? Unusual cases in literature. Defining a path of spiritual action, discovery. Ability to see illnesses. We do not spend the proper time to study the human mind. Reads list of perception-visions: Sensory visions, non-sensory visions, mental projections, visions without sight (intuition), visions of mental processes (introspection), deliberate mental projection (causing things to exist).

File 3

File 3 – 32 minutes. Visions-continued. Indian rope trick, tulpas, healing at a distance, psychokenesis. The truth is the basis for every human relationship. Continues to read: “Can a person become the truth?“ Lying to yourself is what messes you up. “What do you know for sure? Does a man own a house or does the house own him? …” Etc – lecture of questions, interspersed with comments. Last question this side of tape: “Do we have a real sense of time when we hear a clock ticking? Do we then know what a second is, or what stretch of consciousness exists for others in that second?”

File 4

File 4 – 31 minutes. Continues with lecture of questions: Time for an insect same as ours, sense of duration, etc. LoQ ends at minute 5. Q&A. What is your definition of meditation? You are always thinking, can’t stop, observe it. We stumble around looking for ways to talk to God but we can’t find it. We read about these things but we don’t try them. Astrology? Never got into it. Greatest satisfaction? When a person takes another step. Put in an hour a day or so into spiritual work. One way is looking over your past and seeing what you did wrong. No real formula, magic. Q about the 2nd time he had experience. Don’t know why it happened. Suicide attempt as a youth. Gruesome symptoms of strychnine poisoning. Q about what caused experience when 30. Only will tell what happened, doesn’t want to embellish it with anything. Very beautiful place, could see anything I wanted to. Something caused this to show on the screen of my mind. Gives some details. Coming back, regaining consciousness. I knew that there was life after death. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of that place. I read later that spiritualists have an explanation, causal realm. For a week or so I couldn’t stop weeping. People say that a spiritual life is to find God. I never found God but I knew there was some power stronger than mine.

File 5

Side 5 = 32 minutes total.

First 7 minutes is repeat of last 7 minutes of side 4. Deleted from mp3 file #5.

File 5 – 25 minutes** see below..

I could see headaches. I don’t like to talk much about it because it sounds like bragging. Q – ever heal at a distance? I never tried. I led a relentless life against ignorance. When the whole being is reaching for something to define yourself by … (inaudible, will need headset). We are in too-shallow water; things are deeper than that. Q on celibacy. I believe in total celibacy. Sex detracts. Q on it being almost a law (celibacy). It’s a law because it’s predictable. You get a hunch and you try. More on celibacy. Was celibate at 17, saw it was a beautiful way to live. Consciousness is much more valuable. Was married twice. After a certain amount of sex you wonder what the attraction is. The attraction is that we’re animals who can’t control ourselves. Celibacy a healthier lifestyle. Married 1st wife when she already had child. Q – does enlightenment experience change what happens to you after death? I don’t know. More Q&A on his experience. Later, card playing to get mind off illness, learned attitude that creates betweenness, how to hold head. Got all his money back. About $9,000 total. Would take everybody out to dinner afterword; magical; attitude of no greed.

File 6

    • NOTE: Files 5 and 6 were spliced together. 25 + 5 = 30 minutes total.

File 6 = 5 minutes** see below. I was amazed by it.

On seeing illness: I met a girl, was getting ready to marry, saw string of beads across chest. X-rays later confirmed granuloma. Has happened at farm and during Chautauquas. Where this comes from I don’t know. Just obey the hunch, you’re helping someone.

Follow-up meeting at Chapel Hill announced.