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Title 1991-0601-Evening-of-Hypnosis-At-Farm
Recorded date June 1, 1991
Location Farm
No. tapes Three tapes including chiropractic demo

Richard Rose - Hypnosis demonstration:

-- Sides 1, 2, and 3 (1st 25 minutes of side 3)

Chiropractic demonstration by “Bruce”:

-- on remainder of side 3 (21 min) plus side 4, 5, 6.

Other recorders audible? No
DVD number 2
Source N
No. of MP3 files 3 files for RR talk and hypnosis demonstration: 46 min; 46 min; 25 min
Total time RR portion = 117 minutes
Transcription status Stub
Published in what book?
Published on which website? Chiropractic demo was not distributed
Audio quality Loud and clear.
Identifiable voices George, Vince, Lou, Augie, Bob C., Bart, Sandy, several more.


File 1

46 minutes.

Gets volunteers. First person: Close hands, look at dot, don’t take eye off it. Holds the attention. Will “inject sleep” into it. With each count, tighten the hands. Imagine dot is the end of a wire. Pull with all your might and the hands get tighter. Close eyes, look up through eyes to where thumb is touching the forehead. Eyes are sealed shut. If you try to open eyes they get tighter. Your eyes are locked and now I will lock your mind in sleep. Counts 1 to 7. I will now give you a magic word “basoloyo” (?). When you hear that word you will go to sleep. Now wake up. Counts 7 to 1. Claps hands.

Goes on to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th persons. Etc. Last person, now I will wake you up and I will wake up the problem you are trying to solve. Counts 7 to 1, claps hands.

Lasts 26 minutes.

That’s it. I don’t have a portfolio of stunts. Asks if people want any suggestions, such as improving math skill. Etc.

Hypnosis can do wonderful things for the mind. Subject has to be tell you, being sensitive is an asset, they are the more intelligent, they have a door through which they can be helped. Intelligence plus sensitivity of nerve endings. Not everyone who is intelligent will respond. My wife could be hypnotized by someone else but not by me.

At minute 32, reference to another taped hypnosis demonstration, a girl named Laura.

Inspired by Bridey Murphy story, group in Steubenville did some experiments, Edith Cavell. Had been told by hypnotist that you could hypnotize them and tell them that they are Cleopatra or Attila and you can get historical information; they pull information somehow from the picture, it’s not a matter of guessing the right incarnation.

Laura had had the attitude of ridicule. RR told her, “you can’t go to sleep.” She went to sleep immediately. Reverse suggestion. Her personality changed also. She had the idea of being contrary, so when I told her she couldn’t sleep she had to refuse it.

Hypnosis can be used to retrieve forgotten information, recover hidden talents. E.g., the hypnotist had daughter who could read headlines on tomorrow’s newspaper. Each person has own talent; might try with 100 other people, probably couldn’t do it.

To do any real work it’s best to have just 2 or 3 people in the room. People too shy in large group.

In esoteric work everything is hypnosis.

File 2

46 minutes.

Always establish a code for yourself when you use hypnosis. Never injure person, never make sexual suggestions, etc. Abide by code. If you abide by this always, then people will trust you and you can help them.

Helped student with learning math, for example.

Being a good subject is to your advantage, can accept positive suggestion.

Never fool with self-hypnosis.

Meditation – you can’t force yourself to think about things but you can decide to block out certain things, like thinking about ball games. Then more valuable stuff will replace it.

Q – do you ever wonder that you’re taking away a habit that it would be better for a person to work through himself?

RR – well, maybe yes. You have to understand what you’re doing.

Cured a girl of her epileptic seizures for a year; she had been having them 2 times a month.

Once people accept the fact that they have a terminal illness (doctor tells them) there’s almost no chance that they will survive. Mind has a way for planning death.

There’s always a pro and a con.

Nothing is impossible. Some things are absurd, such as if I tell you you’re going to fly to the top of the barn you’re not going to do it. But there are cases in history of monks levitating etc. “Vril’. Blocks in Egypt perfectly cut. Only had bronze tools.

Formula is in my poem, “I come to you as a man selling air.”

There were certain conditions given.

The words, “It is better felt when the body is cold” doesn’t mean dead, it means you can’t be amorous or sexual and practice betweenness.

Q – through hypnosis could you induce psychological death, ego death?

RR – Sure. I can do it through hypnosis, but it’s brutal. You can destroy a person’s ego in a half hour. You don’t need hypnosis.

Q – how do you do it? Do you just reveal themselves to themselves?

RR – Well, these are words. You destroy negative ego. If the guy wants to take over the gang you stop him, that’s all.

All of these egos are implanted for a purpose. If the male animal weren’t a fighter, willing to tie into other creatures, his species might become extinct. Man has to protect the family. We classify that as ego. After he wins a few battle he thinks he’s King Kong. The egos are propellants. A woman’s egos are different than a man’s.

Q – why do you say it wouldn’t be beneficial to take away a person’s egos?

RR – Because I don’t know what he’s supposed to do. I don’t know what his destiny is. That ego may eventually crack the shell. He’ll make a real ass out of himself and then be a better person. So you always try to do something where you’ll be safe both ways; it’s not going to hurt him but there’s a promise of something that may help him.

Chief feature is a person’s greatest chance for downfall. It could be selfishness, power, sex or booze or drug pleasure.

Q – how is a person supposed to know what to do? You should know what you can get away with. You have to know yourself and make the best of your talents.

I felt special, protected, God loved me as a child. But this can louse you up. Swells up a part of you that shouldn’t be swelled up.

There’s a magic in getting away from the ego. Winning at cards I felt that people were donating money to me, not that I was winning it from them. Took them all out to dinner. Can’t be a hog. This formula works with everybody.

However there are people who throw away all the laws and seem to get away with it, like the Kennedys. Chappaquiddick and nephew Smith. The family had a will to power but they paid a price. Two of them are dead.

There’s a way to live that you don’t get bumps on your head; you don’t hate yourself.

A philosopher has to be on the alert at all times; is attacked not only on the spiritual level but also on the nature level. Look in the grass and watch a massacre. Ant eats bug and is then eaten by bird.

Many things you have to balance as you go. Must be on guard at all times; must be ready to act but also wary of being baited.

At house in Benwood was continually bothered in sleep by voice calling his name. Familiar voice. Have to dope it out; if this person was trying to help me they wouldn’t be pestering me in the middle of the night; so I shut it down.

If the entities were wanting to destroy me they would have made me rich. A movie on that, one of the most striking things I’ve ever looked at. Actor Cameron Mitchell in movie about guy in gambling joint, was drunk, mood of no tension, recites this bit of doggerel, which I can’t remember but I copied it somewhat in poem “tweeny-town the streets were wide and narrow” ?? and champagne to celebrate, private room, woman – then he drops dead. Whoever wrote the screenplay knew about betweenness. He was using betweenness, being semi-drunk, and what consciousness he had, he diffused it by a meaningless bit of doggerel. So he kept himself totally isolated from the adventure. But – he was pouring booze into the body to keep that neutrality.

Some people do know things. Some make a great deal of money with it.

Eileen Garrett – I’ve often wondered about her – she predicted crash of a dirigible in France, made her famous. She had even warned the air department in England, but they paid no attention to her. It crashed within several days.

So there are states of mind that a person can get in. But how can you get into them if you don’t gave peace of mind? The whole thing in life is like you’re trying to row a canoe down water tumbling over rocks. You can’t let loose of that paddle to practice betweenness.

People are wasting time because they are listening, but they don’t realize there’s a program you have to get into to have that mind. It’s got to be real, you can’t pretend. And the paradox is when you can do these things there is no reason for doing them. Except maybe giving a demonstration so you can stimulate someone else.

Q – do you fight to achieve that state? Mostly what you fight is yourself. Under 40 years old people think life is a playhouse. Afterwards it’s too late. But their purpose is served. After it grows up we eat the chicken.

Once the observer can see, things change. The observer isn’t made for getting through life, but to understand why things happen to us. As you observe you suddenly change. You don’t become the complete observer in a few years time, but as you watch the patterns, you shift away from what interferes with further self-observation.

I never tie causing things to happen – which is betweenness – to the final observer. I believe that the mind is in such a state that it can alter physical things, but that doesn’t mean it can give us wisdom about the absolute or about God. Q – I recognize that nothing about me has changed even though I have witnessed something. RR - You don’t have to witness it to change, but if you see it and change you’ll be pleased. An agreeable change occurs in you. Such as finding peace of mind from a certain observation.

Once the guy can escape from the emotional trap he has a realization.

Side 3 Side 3 = 46 min total.

File 3 = 25 minutes.

He knows his emotions are talking, not facts. The body is like the body of a horse, the self is riding or guiding the horse. We make a lot of mistakes thinking creation is perfect. We can’t agree that creation is perfect because we’re always unhappy with it. We don’t believe it’s perfect but we’ll say it’s perfect. Meaning, blame it all on God. These are not provable propositions. The horse can take itself over a cliff; you’ve got to be in control of the horse. We used to have a mule that would jump into the creek because it knew we didn’t want to get wet. We will do things with our body that will impair the mind from advancing, the evolution of the mind, the increased growth of the mind in solving problems.

You’ve got to go through them. You’ve got to see them and still be conscious. You’ve got to get behind them and watch. The process observer. We have a body-umpire that says don’t do this or that. But when you get to where you’re bickering with yourself over emotions that may louse up your mind, then the only thing that will save you is some anterior observer. As Benoit says, behind, the third point of the pyramid, the conciliatory principle, the “I” watching the whole straight-line experience of birth and death.

In a maximum spiritual experience you are entertained with all the little cookies and goodies that you run into. The experience that I had – I tell it just as it happened because I want people to see how… I thought everything was going my way. This girl had agreed to marry me and she was very wealthy.

Being lucky can fool you. It can lead you into a trap.

Before you die you will go through a period of terror because you don’t know the answer. And after so long you’ll note that there’s no sense in the terror. You’re going to die anyhow. You’ll quiet down and you won’t mind it at all. I’m not saying that you’ll go straight to some beautiful garden in the sky. But that’s the way death works. Even with animals.

The first thing is, “How can I stop this?” It’s only when you say it doesn’t mean a damn, and then you can relax. And if the doors are ever open, that’s when they open.

The paradox is without the fear we wouldn’t survive either. Everybody is motivated by fear.

Story about lady “miss perfect” 42 years old, doctor told her she had terminal cancer, didn’t stop screaming until she died. Thought God was looking down on her. People don’t think that there may be no God there. Very wonderful person. But she had an ego of perfection, she was God’s choice.

I’m always observing my own reactions and behavior,. I don’t make a mad science out of it. I allow things to happen. Take what comes, more or less, and analyze it.

Q – can hypnosis help people figure out what their problems are? RR – Sure. That’s validated. You can validate it. Say you’re studying and there’s a bug flying around. The mind will go to the bug because it wants an excuse to get away from concentration. Of course concentration isn’t meditation. Meditation has to come just by drifting into it. Plus, different people have different desires regarding meditation.

Q about fear of death. RR – I think if you face it often enough, and a person should face it. St. Paul, “I die daily.” He was talking about ego. Each day less importance on what was going on in life.

It doesn’t do you anything to cringe. You just tie yourself up in knots. It’s an agonizing thing. I’m quite convinced my father committed suicide. He tried to two or three times before, he’d walk out in front of a car, they’d hit him and run over him and then he’d recover. Then he scored.

In India a ritual of sacrificing a child. Every tribe took a piece of flesh, planted in field. British government put an end to it. Book by Kent on it; metamorphosis of their culture. Radha Soami also in the book.

England, head witch (male) killed after a year. Made a movie on it. (“Harvest … [inaudible]).

I suggest we stagger up to the house. (apparently late in evening.)

End at minute 25.

comments re chiropractic demo

Chiropractic demonstration was placed in a separate directory and not distributed

File “1_chiropractic_demonstration” = 21 minutes

by Bruce M., chiropractor from Pittsburgh. Bioelectricity of the body

Introduced by Al Fitz.

Side 4 File “2_chiropractic_demonstration” = 46 minutes.

Chiropractic demonstration continues.

Side 5 File “3_chiropractic_demonstration” = 46 minutes.

Chiropractic demonstration continues.

Side 6 File “4_chiropractic_demonstration” = 29 minutes.

Chiropractic demonstration continues.