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Data Template

Title 1991-0413-TAT-Weekend-Farm-Wing
Recorded date April 13, 1991
Location Farm
Number of tapes 4 x 60, numbered X, Y, Z and Unnumbered. The unnumbered tape is 16 minutes side A, blank on side B
Other recorders audible? No
Alternate versions exist? No
Source Bart
No. of MP3 files 7 total = 6 x 30 plus 1 x 16
Total time 3 hours, 16 min
Transcription status
Link to distribution copy http://distribution.direct-mind.org/
Link to PDF http://distribution.direct-mind.org/ Or try http://selfdefinition.org/rose/
Published in what book?
Published on which website?
Audio quality Loud hum maybe from refrigerator
Identifiable voices
URL at direct-mind.org https://www.direct-mind.org/index.php?title=1991-0413-TAT-Weekend-Farm-Wing
For access, send email to: editors@direct-mind.org
Revision timestamp 20150104164014


Numbering-on-cassettes is X, Y, Z, and unnumbered

Tape X side A - Starts with doing things to see if they will happen, take the ego, but mentions the brother who got killed. So it may follow ZB

XA - talks about transmission - min 10-11

Tape X side B - Start - Rose is talking about entities and possessio.

Tape Y side A -

Tape Y side B -

Tape Z Side A - starts w/ Rose talking about brother Joe -- later, story about gun, Rose, you're a funny little guy

Tape Z side B - continues to talk about father, Joe. Ends with story about brother getting killed on the shi.

Tape - unnumbered-side-A-has-16-min--side-B-is-blank

File 1

File 2