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Title 1991-0322-Hypnosis-Pittsburgh
Recorded date March 22, 1991
Location Pittsburgh
No. tapes One 60 minute cassette
Other recorders audible?
DVD number 2
Source N
No. of MP3 files 2 files: 31 min; 21 min
Total time 52 minutes
Transcription status Stub
Published in what book?
Published on which website?
Remarks Tape ends abruptly. Need to locate the rest of this recording.
Audio quality
Identifiable voices


File 1

31 minutes.

We’re going to find out what you want first.

The interest in this was basically research into the mind.

To find out what a person is composed of.

The only source of information is the self.

Hypnosis seemed to work, so I went to work on it.

There are many things can be done with hypnosis.

Augment your talents, banish your fugues and inferiority complexes, superiority complexes also. You can heal people.

I have a paper here, it lists a whole lot of things.

Hypnosis and psychological research.

Regression to points of trauma.

I don’t have a lot of respect for psychology or psychiatry.

Whenever there’s a big paycheck that evolves from a certain skill that skill becomes venal after awhile.

Awakening memories of a free man from mental blocks. Can be done in one sitting oftentimes.

Development of ESP.

Technique for developing direct-mind observation.

By looking at someone telling what they’re thinking.

Communicating a whole mental experience with just one or two words.

Capuchin monastery at Butler, PA now empty.

Was 17 when I got interested In hypnosis.

To communicate with people you can get into total rapport with them.

Everybody believes. This is not scientific.

Hypnosis is an unexplored psychological frontier. We haven’t touched it.

Asks for volunteers.

Min 10 – starts hypnotizing people Away from microphone, audio volume low.

Cough and other loud noises deleted at min 11 and min 12 Counts 14 people, lined up for hypnosis.

If you have anything you’d like to perfect, if you have a headache you want removed, let me know. Removing cigarettes, have to be around them every day, to reinforce.

Rest of time is putting people to sleep.

File 2 - this is a fragment

21 minutes.

Because your mind doesn’t accept the picture. It’s not something you’d believe.

Some more explanations.

Some more putting people to sleep.

Min 12 Tries to takes the pain out of somebody’s shoulder.

Min 13 There’s a tremendous field we can function in …

Stops to wake people back up. Counts from 7 to 1 and claps hands.

Not even all hypnotists know what they’re capable of doing.

I’ve never embarrassed people. You can develop a psychometric talent in somebody.

Like this person Rand – you can hide a pin in a building, he will find it by holding the person’s hand.

Parlor entertainment: hypnotize someone, take his shoe and hide it. Also can do with cards.

Telepathic or psychometric abilities, touch something and you pick up information.

Mind in Many Pieces, book by Allison, psychiatrist. [Out of print; $60 for a used copy at Amazon, on multiple personality disorder]

RR – Anybody know what that is? Q – They used to call it possession. RR – Right. Shame we have to use the past tense.

Tape ends abruptly at min 21.

[Need to locate the rest of this recording.]