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Title 1989-1126-Three-Books-of-the-Absolute-TAT-Mtg << DATE CONFLICT - see notes
Recorded date November 26, 1989 <<< The video of this says September 2, 1989
Location TAT meeting at Farm
No. tapes One 90 minute tape
Other recorders audible? No
DVD number 2
Source N
No. of MP3 files 2 files: 46 min; 46 min
Total time 92 minutes
Transcription status Stub
Published in what book?
Published on which website?
Audio quality Good
Identifiable voices Augie Turak, Bob Cergol, Vince Lepedi, others



DATE CONFLICT: (email from SH on Jan 7, 2012)

I recall us talking about other video when you originally sent me the DVDs. I ransacked my house a couple days ago, putting all my Rose stuff in order.

This is another DVD from you: 1989-0902-TAT-Weekend-3-Books-Absolute - however, the audio recording I received of this from Shawn was dated November 26, 1989. The shirt Mr. Rose is wearing looks more like a September shirt than a November shirt - I'll have to go through these for clues to get the correct date.

AUDIO: The first audio file begins with Rose reading Three Books of the Absolute - and then goes to Q&A.

VIDEO: The first vob file (title): VTS_01_0.IFO has a title that reads "Sushi Pack" which somewhere rings a bell that this was software that Shawn used.

The next file: VTS_01_1.VOB begins with the Q&A session at the farm, identical to the first audio file above.

File 1

46 minutes.

Begins with strong and lyrical reading by RR of Three Books of the Absolute.

Toward the end he injects just a few comments of explanation.

Minute 18 The universe has passed like a fitful vision. The darkness and the void are part of the unknowing. Death shows this forever. Silence is forgotten, and all that remains is all.

[Reading ends]

[10 second blank space in tape deleted.]

Q&A on energy

Min 19 We have a farm and we raise goats, or we produce energy that we can’t account for, we lose energy that we can’t account for, for where it goes. So this must have puzzled Gurdjieff also, because Gurdjieff was concerned and even came up with a concept that there were angelic creatures flying between here and the moon or here and some planet, and they were creating a civilization there, or a place for a civilization. But that something was being stolen out of our planet, this energy.

I don’t quite go that route. I believe that the crossover, if these things are taking off, it’s a subtle form of energy. I think the sexual energy is one of most subtle forms of protoplasmic energy. And if there’s something that could be transferrable to a creature in another dimension with a different molecular speed in its molecules, it’s very possible that that could be of some use to them.

File 2 =

46 minutes.

Min 30 One of these days they’ll invent a machine that can pick up thoughts.

As long as you know what it is, the nostalgic is one of the most useful moods. Makes man long for union with his soul.

Self definition is the most important. Without that it’s just one delusion to another, one obsession to another. After the billygoat mentality wears off you shift from romance to money; generally by 60 they become philosophy. A few of them remained obsessed by sex in their 60s. Other people are glad it’s over with. This is the difference in people.

My brother getting killed was a big influence in me being philosophical. Saw that I was extremely selfish. I wanted this answer for me. I didn’t care if nobody else knew. I would avoid people, I thought they were drags. They lived like dogs. I made up my mind then, I made up my mind

Need to fix minute 39

I was very angry. I went out to the I Am cult in Denver and I didn’t stay 15 minutes. Rosicrucians in San Jose thought they were phony. Then I went down to Oceanside, and at least they weren’t larcenist, they weren’t charging. So I had a little more respect for them. But I couldn’t see any depth. They have a cosmo-conception and that’s certainly what it is; they have a conception of the cosmos. But that isn’t the truth it’s a conception..

And then when I did have this experience I set about trying to tell people. Boy, talk about difficulty. Their attention span. Even you people have a very low attention span. You pick me up and I can tell you are interested, and within twenty-four hours from now check your watch and see what you’re interested in. You’ll see what I’m talking about, it’s just out the window.

Consequently you get tired. No dividends. [laughs] Just get one person. For twenty-five or thirty years you’ve been lapsing into those moods.

I don’t say I could have remembered if I had wanted to. This is what occurred to me. It’s just like a voice saying anybody you want to see you can see them. But what good is it to see them if they’re not real?


That’s the only one that has any reality because it survived. The scene faded out. It seems as if I wanted an answer so I got the answer about the unreality of human existence. But then I wanted to know, if I had access to everything, did I set up a relative mind state? Which I did. And having to immediately admit nothingness. And when I admitted nothingness that’s where I went. But that consciousness faded out, as like I fell off a cliff.

Q – Is that the union with the Absolute that you talk about? RR – The Absolute was before I fell off the cliff. When I woke up I was in bed, sitting in a yogi posture on the bed.


Well, yes and no. I’m aware number one that I’m a human, I’m not aware on that other plane. And this is what the Zen teachers used to tell people. Before the experience the mountains are mountains and the valleys are valleys. When you have the experience there are no longer valleys, no longer mountains. But when you come back the valleys are once more valleys and the mountains are once more mountains.

Which means that we live in a state of illusion.

What amazed me is, one thing about it I didn’t feel unhappy, I didn’t feel I needed to see people, I didn’t feel a need to look up my ancestors. The awareness was there, if I wanted to see them I could see them. But it was like going into a rogues gallery, if you want to see somebody they’re there.

But the thing was that behind all this was an intelligence that wasn’t mine, and I was aware of that too. Because I didn’t project that. I didn’t project that part.

Q – What sort of intelligence would that be?

RR – I don’t know. I don’t know.

Q – Was that what leads you to say sometimes you were in union with the Absolute but that doesn’t mean you were the Absolute?

RR – Right.

Q – I always thought you were the Absolute when you reached the Absolute.

RR – You are. But the mountains are once more mountains and not the Absolute. You are one with the Absolute, you know that. There’s nothing you can’t answer, there’s nothing you can’t see. But I still say this. That regardless, that consciousness lives in some dimension, it functions in some dimension. And I was checked out. I was allowed to come up and take a look but I had to come back. And I have no idea, I presume there’d be a lot to learn about that dimension. And of course I say these dimensions are basically not composed of planets, they’re composed of mental projections.

And this is what we consider reality which is not a reality, it’s a projection of mind-material from a mind dimension. The mind is made flesh. And it’s projected out on a screen and the screen comes to life and these little creatures run into sparks of some kind of soul or growth inside of them. Why? God know, I don’t know.

There are different levels of the mind, the mind dimension. We can tap this in some degree by betweenness. You can tap it. Like Mary Baker Eddy. She sensed that the mind can be tapped. The Universal Mind. But see, you can’t create. But the manifesting mind – “manifesting” in that Psychology of the Observer book, means that this manifest, this creates – the unmanifested creates the manifested. [need to clean up wording]

It’s like in the Bible, the Elohim, which are not manifested, nobody defines them, the Elohim create the planets, even the Buddhas, you know, the individuals. And where the consciousness comes in, I don’t know. I don’t know where the consciousness was before the child was born. This is a disturbing fact: here’s a consciousness that somebody’s called into existence. The shortcomings of psychology.

[end of tape]