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This is the DVD - need to compare with audio

Date conflict?

DATE CONFLICT: (email from SH on Jan 7, 2012)

I recall us talking about other video when you originally sent me the DVDs. I ransacked my house a couple days ago, putting all my Rose stuff in order.

This is another DVD from you: 1989-0902-TAT-Weekend-3-Books-Absolute - however, the audio recording I received of this from Shawn was dated November 26, 1989. The shirt Mr. Rose is wearing looks more like a September shirt than a November shirt - I'll have to go through these for clues to get the correct date.

AUDIO: The first audio file begins with Rose reading Three Books of the Absolute - and then goes to Q&A.

VIDEO: The first vob file (title): VTS_01_0.IFO has a title that reads "Sushi Pack" which somewhere rings a bell that this was software that Shawn used.

The next file: VTS_01_1.VOB begins with the Q&A session at the farm, identical to the first audio file above.