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Title 1985-1015-Public-TV-Interview-Miami
Recorded date October 15, 1985
Location Miami - Channel 17 WPBT
No. tapes This is on same tape as 1985-1102-What-Do-You-Know-For-Sure-Miami
Other recorders audible? No
DVD number 2
Source H
No. of MP3 files 1
Total time This recording is only 11 minutes
Transcription status Stub
Published in what book?
Published on which website?
Audio quality Poor - Loud white noise component
Identifiable voices Host is Mr Meridith .. somebody


Filename: “1_Miami_Public_TV_Interview_1985.mp3”

Interview on public TV station, Channel 17 in Miami on 10/15/1985

Meridth ____. Program name: “Something on 17”

This is Side 4, File 4 of the tape

11 minutes.

Q – Guest is described as a genius of the human spirit. All of this esotericism and West Virginia too. Incongruous or not?

RR – It’s a beautiful place to remain inconspicuous.

Q – What is the truth, and in what context?

RR – You answer that yourself I started scientifically. You can’t learn the truth, you have to become it. Religious training at age 12. Science, chemistry university

Q – So if I say, “What is God, then that is ambiguous?” RR – Right, you’ve already used the word.

Q – Spiritual? RR – I don’t consider myself a religious person. Because religion means belief. In chemistry, “phlogiston” was the truth. After-death experience, heaven and hell like Aesop’s fables.

Morality systems good for young men seeking the truth. Made up my mind to follow all the rules. Will not pay money or follow a guy wearing robes.

Q – Agnostic? Doubter? RR – If you’re not a doubter you’re a believer.

I know who I am but I don’t know why I’m here.

Q – so it’ the aftermath: What will I be after death?

RR - Right.

Q – Sounds like Edgar Cayce?

RR - maybe,

Q – We have only a few minutes left. At 30 you had an experience.

RR – I got quite a shock, that’s for sure.

Q - You have gatherings at the farm and surround yourself with very erudite people. What about the common city people, can they understand this?

RR – Some of the wisest people on earth, before they called it skid row, came from skid row.

Q - What would you like people to do?

RR – I’d like them to stop accepting and start thinking for themselves.