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Have versions from: MJ = 5 files 30 min = 2 1/2 hours ; MJ versions were named “Happiness”.

DM = 2 min intro + x 30 (same length)

DW 2 cassettes x 90

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These are the “Peace of Mind” recordings: 1984-Peace-of-Mind-Success-Without-Regret-commercial-recording


1984-0426-Peace-of-Mind-in-Spite-of-Success-Irwin-PA – part 1 only, TAT Forum Dec 2003

1984-0428-Peace-of-Mind-in-Spite-of-Success-Akron – published SearchWithin.Org and TAT Forum, starting Jan 2004 (4 parts)



File 0 – intro

2 min intro by P. Mahler, gives title as “Peace of Mind if Spite of Success”. Pace of Mind in Spite of Success

Mentions TAT founding.

Says the first Chautauqua will be first week in August. This would be 1985-08-August-Intensive-uncut formerly “August Chautauqua”.

At the conclusion, feel free to look at the books: Albigen Papers, Psychology of the Observer, Carillon

Mr Rose has been a teacher for thousands of people

marked difference in my life since meeting him seven years ago

accomplish much more than I previously thought possible

I have been made whole psychologically

File 1

Using MJ tapes. mj1-00:00 (intro has been trimmed off)

Sometime along in the evening I hope I don’t forget to go into this matter: A tremendous lot of my direction or advice is condensed right here on this picture.


The reason I chose this topic that I have tonight is because – I’m sort of irritated with the direction of “Success” [many seminars were being given at that time]. I see so many successful people who are undoubtedly a success in any human terms, but it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t stay. It isn’t a real factor in their life. And we don’t have to look far to see this. Everybody has friends who have achieved what they wanted in life – and failed to say at the end of that life, or even in the later days of that life, that that life was a success.

Another thing is that some achieved what they claimed was a success and it killed them or made them very ill. We have the President of the United States or Jimmy Hoffa – those are men who struggled from their boyhood up, in order to do something, and they did it and they got on top of the pile. And there’s a broad spectrum of this. You can go clear back to Adolf Hitler if you want to: there is a man who was a “success” – he tore up the whole western part of Europe to achieve his end. But in the final analysis he went down to failure.


And there’s something, there’s a common reason for all this, and the common reason isn’t too hard to find: they failed to take into consideration all the factors. Another thing they failed to take into is the fact that they might change their mind. And this will come up, we’ll come back to this when I go through some of the laws of human nature.


I came to the conclusion that success means achievement without regret – at any time in your future experience. And you might say it’s impossible to attain success without regret – plus with peace of mind, it would still be more impossible to attain. How many people have the dream of their childhood: that is, a nice house and a nice car and whatever comforts they wish as a family – and something happens. They have all those things, but half of them become burdens and maybe the other half become torments.


So – I don’t think it’s impossible. I listen to a lot of the – I’ve watched seminars, or fragments of them, of people who would – they’d put on a seminar for success and charge anywhere from $300 to $600 for a few weekends or something of that sort. And they achieved. But they only achieved a single thing; and the main achievement of it was hypnotic. They hypnotized themselves into believing. It carried them along for a period of time, and they built up a – I used to encounter this a lot in salesmen, where they would get a big head of steam built up and they’d go out and charge the public, and get a little hypnotic technique worked up and become efficient …


[notes only from here]

ut I noticed that nearly all of those people who worked under high pressure burnt out and quit and had to get another job

This book (AP) has a system in it. I sat and studied for years what was wrong with human thinking. And I took a few courses in it, but psychology does not take you to the real thinking process. Psychology tries to objective a subjective matter

tremendously objective psychology prevalent today try to legislate that the body is all we have

factors beyond the body

And if you don’t have a well-defined individual, he won’t know who is having the success.

and the failure to know yourself properly in the middle of success, disenchantment



we go back to basics, very fundamental


What I have here, the beginning of life is in the earth. The beginning of our bodies is in plant life and flesh. if you want to start with a science you have to start from what you have.

but working from there, you may come out with a very clear understanding of something far beyond the flesh. That’s the real psychology

We start off with food.

this is a picture of potential

Potential: to become a man of scientist, man of wealth, power, or strictly a philosopher.


And the process of it is the transmutation of food, from the very bottom. We transmute plants and flesh into our own flesh.

As you see, there’s a line running across. And this, the arrow pointing down, this is the curve of life and death.

back to the soil. But some go back rather quickly. flesh can be wasted and you can die very quickly and return to the soil

The second thing is the transmutation of flesh energy into glandular energy

the individual is around 12 years of age, tremendous generator of energy, can go either up or down

Indian or Chinese philosophy; they call it the raising of the kundalini

unproductive or sex activity, back into the earth.


I maintain that the glandular energy is transmuted into neural energy. And this may sound like fiction to you

energy exists in the nerves themselves and in the brain

first time I saw it, or believed that it existed

some of you may know of cases where people have done this

– story about lifting the wreck, truck, taxi, chassis was laying across a young woman, a pregnant woman, and a man

a fellow came out of a beer joint nearby

didn’t do immediately; we developed a certain degree of hysteria first

cursing and counting

11:45 every ounce of my ability was in the lifting of that moment

We go on to the transmutation of energy by glandular sublimation

inhibition; if a person sits in a classroom

there has to be a certain amount of curiosity about the blackboard or something that will cause their brain to function. And that will happen every day until the mind gets used to education

civilization is built upon the transmutation of glandular energy

civilization is the opposite of swinging through the trees and eating bananas or coconuts

because we inhibited human action, and force the thought, the thought pulls the energy up

the concentration pulls the energy up

concentration, meditation, mental exercise

there’s a physical feeling when you’ll know that the energy is going up into your head


I don’t want to linger too long on that, but this develops what I call a quantum.

an expert of some sort, whatever our work is

arrow up there to “Healing”

[CHART] transferred, tissue would be revitalized.

That’s what I call zap healing.


evidence that when Christ healed people, he got weak. And this is one of the symptoms of this type of healing. There was a woman who followed him in the crowd

“Somebody just tapped me; I felt the virtue leave me.” King James -- Mark 5:30: “And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?”

we translate that “virtue” into the quantum energy 15:20

I have a complaint with healing; I don’t much believe in – possibly 1,000 years ago or before they had newspapers, the only method of a man of wisdom introducing himself to the public. There were no newspapers

the people would listen to his philosophy

biodegradable. You heal people who go out and spend it


to get past this

there is a method of healing in which there is no energy lost. Now we could talk for hours about this

Steubenville, Ohio [note: this was Slim Cunningham, but Rose doesn’t say name]

he was really enthusiastic

he ran a little business and he wrote off a lot of telephone calls on his expense

And we got to talking about Ambrose Worrall, he was out of Baltimore. I didn’t know him too well. He just died a couple years ago and his wife Olga has been going around the country lecturing on healing. I don’t think she quite had the ability that her husband did, but she understood the principle behind it.


Incidentally, when I was talking to the fellow, I was looking at a button on his shirt. He said, “You’re healing me, aren’t you?” I guess accidents can happen He said, “Yes, I’ve got emphysema, and I can feel the change in my chest when you’re talking to me.”

following the line that is the most valuable

I said, “I’ve got a feeling that there’s a method of healing that doesn’t involve the loss of energy by the healer.” And he said, “Oh, of course.”

this man was a machinist

He said, “How do you suppose Ambrose Worrall at the age of 70 was able to go around healing people?”

he said that he was a genuine healer and he didn’t lose energy

Those are the only people I ran into in the country, they didn’t claim it, they just did it

If a person can develop that, it’s not bad. no energy going down

Once this power goes up – to the head. But there is a psychic result in the same thing; there’s an ability to go beyond the head. Like in ESP, the transfer of thought, causing things to happen


But it’s definitely beyond the human brain

the observation becomes a philosophy

This is one of the factors in success

direct as much energy as you possibly can to your objective. I know a few people who can stay half drunk

fragmentation of their attention

But regardless, this is the formula for putting the very best into it

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. http://selfdefinition.org/celibacy/quotes/napoleon-hill-sex-transmutation-part-1.htm

was the only man who wrote of success, the only book that had the truth

transmutation of glandular energy, in other words


trends in people’s livs By looking for common denominators in actions, you find that there are such things as laws.

these things that I’m talking about are a science

science is duplication and proof

if you have a certain human action that will lead

there has to be a lack of proper computation, lack of intuition

When the human energy is channeled up into the head you become aware of a tremendously better understanding of anything you undertake

and I’ll take you back to algebra if you wish

there’s a day come when your head pops

I couldn’t understand why people were concerned with a + b = c

head popped; and from that day on, algebra was very simple

this happens with the attention put on any set of symbols.


astrology, kabbala


through the intuition we get a look inside the mind

all this stuff is paradoxical. There is no such thing as hard facts

everything has a binary answer

we discover first of all that we’re programmed. We’re stepping away from the body for a moment

only two programs - leeway

We are programmed to have desire and curiosity. But we can’t help it that we have desire

The animals don’t have any books, and when their desires hit them they find an expression for it.

And the other one is curiosity; leads the primitive out to forage for food

we react as an animal toward desire and curiosity.

as the result of the complexity of these desires and curiosities working upon us, we develop a thinking pattern, which are what I call “states of mind”. Now the states of mind are indigenous to a family, an institutional group, a trade group, see.

[break in tape, no loss of words, no paragraph]

file mj1 ends at 28:51

File 2

mj2-00:00 [no paragraph] These become great factors in deciding what we’re going to do, who we’re going to like, what we’ll put up with and that sort of thing.

There’s still another condition that people have, and this is caused a state of being. Now the state of being is nonexistent, absolutely nonexistent, until the person finds out – he’s able to look in a mirror. I don’t mean a physical mirror, I mean he’s actually able to practice introspection until he sees his own definition, finds his own definition. Then is the first chance that the person has for being something. Otherwise he’s just a reactor.


I’m a tremendous critic of behavioristic psychology, because I never liked the idea of, first of all, the premise behind it was that we were robots and we needed to be programmed by another robot. And there’s a fallacy there, because how would the robot know how to program the robot? This was the catch. Except possibly out of curiosity or desire, so he wouldn’t be too dependable in his programming.

But this is the fallacy behind behavioristic psychology, is that we’re supposed to be a cluster of conditioned reflexes. Well – that’s true; we are a cluster of conditioned reflexes. But the whole thing is – and if I can get this point across to you tonight, it will be well worth my while - that there’s a way of getting above the zombie, the robot. And it has to do with looking inside and understanding the human mind. And unfortunately we don’t get it from studying books on psychology.


I think there’s a humanistic trend in psychology that does point in that direction. But most – in other words, the trend today in psychology is a utility. And it’s like the old medical utility: they don’t have to write prescriptions in Latin anymore, because people are not impressed as they used to be by weird scribbling. But we now have a profession that is trying to convince the public that everyone is in need of counseling, everyone is – they’re trying to expand their field. And more and more institutions are built to take care of the products of modern psychiatry.


And because of this I have picked up a few books; I just – a reporter from the Pittsburgh Press sent one LEADS it just came in the mail today. It was the latest book I think by Thomas Szasz. He’s a psychiatrist himself hand he says it’s a farce. He’s a professor in some university, and I don’t think – if he had a practice, a psychological practice that he could dare to do it, because he wouldn’t have any patients. But he maintains – of course his angle is that people are all malingerers. They didn’t, in previous centuries there was no psychiatry because they knew they couldn’t get away with it; they wouldn’t be pampered of comforted. So now they know they can sort of goldbrick, so more and more people are becoming neurotic.


Well, there may be a little bit in that, but the thing is, I don’t think there’s any good in denying that we are automatons, that we work strictly by reaction.

[notes only from here]

farm, watch the chickens, sheep cattle, look at the people you know

have to keep cropping grass

instincts and the reactions are all the same

same in goats as in people

brief moments of sanity, write them down

There’s a chance that if he reads it often enough he’ll stop. This is the big thing. You have to stop that machinery. And incidentally, if you care to know it, that is exactly what happens in all the great mental experiences

I don’t know exactly what happens in the brain, but we’re learning more and more about neurotransmitters and synaptic action

drug trips, the synapses were frozen

“mind is killed.” It isn’t killed, it just remains totally flat and open. And then that which we wish rushes in. The answer rushes in. The reason it doesn’t rush in before, is that we’ve got too much garbage flying around in there.

how many people can sit down and read a book 06:49

the bombardment is there: unfinished things. Everyone has a hundred unfinished things, and many of them should be done yesterday

“I’m going to stop this rat race and put my head on an important issue.” That important issue may be stop this thing before it explodes, before you have a heart attack or a stroke or something


there are things you’ll learn about yourself when you start looking inside, by watching action. And this all relates – I’m not too keen on muscle building

I’m going to give you a few of the laws that I have in the book

The first law is The Law of Proportional Returns

if you’re selling a certain item you’ll have to knock on so many doors

this applies mentally. If you keep a direction going, you eventually become an expert, regardless what it is. You put the energy out and it will happen.

There was a story written about it, The Magnificent Obsession, the idea of doing things without any objective, no ambition, no particular motive, but just doing things knowing

what was due to you would come to you

sometimes we’d even meet up at his house (Kapitka)

he was selling compressors, painting equipment. And a fellow came in and said

fellow said, ‘What’s the price on them?” And he said, “Well, I think this one’s four hundred dollars,” and so on. And the guy said, “You know, I can get those at Sears Roebuck for a hundred dollars cheaper.” He said, “Yes, I’m aware of that. And they’re probably just as good as mine.” But he said, “Of course, I have to live here,” meaning, “I have to make things good.” “And not only that,” he said, “I can be of personal service to you, because I’m knowledgeable, whereas the clerk in Sears and Roebuck can only send it back to the factory.” But he said, “Regardless, not only does Sears have them cheaper, somebody else,” he named a few other people, “Why don’t you shop around, and if I can be of any help to you, just give me a call and I’ll help you get something lined up.”

“Oh, hell, give me that one there.”

“Hey, you’ve got process, the formula.”

you didn’t care whether you made the sale or not. You were strictly interested in that guy’s welfare

my father-in-law as the one who educated me. he said, “You work for the public and you’ll get paid, but don’t worry about getting paid.”

So that’s the law of proportional returns

The Law of the Ladder

I ran into while I was contracting

it is a ladder of sorts, because it’s human energy and human relationships

La of the Ladder says that you should not try to help anybody two rungs down, and you cannot be helped by anybody two rungs up


sometimes it isn’t even your own kids

you can only he helped by those you somewhat understand

two rungs up he’ll seem crazy

that’s the human mind’s way of shaking off

the rung below you has a chance of being brought up one

don’t climb one until you’ve pulled somebody up. And if you follow that procedure

I have a little personal history in regard to that

I realized that what happens is the vehicle has to change. You become, you don’t learn

a person does not find spirituality or wisdom. He becomes that

the literal translations of some of the things that Christ said started to make sense to me. And one of them was he said, “I am the truth.”

why didn’t he say “I know the truth”?

there was a distinct reason for him saying, ‘I am the truth.”

he didn’t learn it, he was it

there are certain things in spirituality you don’t have, you become

at the age of 21, I wasn’t going to get from a book

change of being

Nothing happened. Years went by

I thought, “You’re going down the drain, and it’s a fool’s gamble.”


And I became a rather angry person. I became a very determined and angry person. And I said, ‘If I ever get my hands on the perpetrators of this stuff … This is worse than … there’s a Pure Food and Drug law that stops them from poisoning people’s food, but there’s nothing that stops them from poisoning people’s minds.”

I thought, “If I ever get my hands on anything real, I’m going to make it available.” And that’s how I, the reason for my stumbling effort to start writing

Anyhow, that declaration and that determination, to make it available, it wasn’t only a couple years after that I had an experience

This ladder involves other human beings

we have statistics by Kubler Ross and Moody

folklore and tradition

starts to build a certain substance

brother in accident in Arizona

heard all the conversation between his wife and the chaplain

realized that he existed without his body

retained his senses

a lot of medical people know

we are getting a lot of evidence

these accounts all show about five categories of experiwnces

meeting the relatives

the father, the mother

the dead relatives were reaching their hands out

nother category: some doon’t see anything

geometric patterns

Moody’s book Life After Life

something like a paradise

very well lit

Moody didn’t notice

We’re stuck with humanity

Important on both soides of the fence


could tell what heaven was like any time of the day

said that certain people were isolated

Law of Friendship

we can’t write them off

you cannot con your neighbor

selling esoteric information that they didn’t have


the reason for every human action

very lonely place if we try to act alone

hard to say how far it would go

in all of my work in dealing with people, this was the premise or discipline I followed

Law of Change

you can’t pretend

you have to be a friend

square dealing

Law of change is another one

Hitler, Nixon, Jimmy Hoffa

intuitive enough to know

stay ahead of the zeitgeist

millions of cross factors

writing on the wall at Niagara Falls

possibly an Astor

shack down below the falls

wrote on the stone wall, “All is change”

we are the sedentary viewer

Law of Equilibrium


wall, ball

that’s physics

if you cause ripples the ripples may drown you

observing things in the contracting business


if a job took me 40 days, now the two of us could do it in 18 days

handful of people who built that machine

Because you can do this mentally

this is the main reason I’m here

I don’t know why you are hear

Akron, Ohio.

one of them was a physicist. Another was a patent lawer for Goodyear

the lawyer joined Subud

physicist joined Yogananda

I joined Radha Soami

would have taken 12 times as long

12 lifetimes

discard what we didn’t want and retained what we thought was good

tremendous force in group

Christ said to his apostles, “Where two or more are gathered in my name



Shakers and Qukers

promote the quantum energy of the individuals

this type of group is protective

AA one of the most esoteric groups that exists

“God give us the grace to do what we’re supposed to do

clue me in on the blueprint and I’ll work

Law of Complexity


infinitie emount of detainl

only out of that complexity a certain truth will come through

The last one I want to touch upon

wwhole page of blocks

immediately get hungry or they get sleepy

Law of Paradoxical Imminance in all relative matters

the opposite may also be true

weird things that happen to a person

murder and birth

I thought, “Geez, if he’s divorced

He said that marriage is like murder

nobody knows why

five years after

from the viewpoint of what?

but when the view changes to friendship

horns of the paradox

there’s a way of preventing the paradox from continually assailing us

there’s a blueprint laid

barnyard comparison

men were roosters

good candidates for the Air Force

they make a lot of mistakes

later find out that that was a program

curiosity and desire

desire makes the rooster. Also th e hen

we have women now that would like to be rooster

was reading Szasz

Frances Farmer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frances_Farmer

feminine nature and masculine ambition

don’t make it a career

the same thing with desire

get a desire to know

hard to teach the old dog new tricks

this is a procedure that grows on you

Toa of Physics

origin was and where your future will be

this procedure results in a real psychology

we have no definition of sanity

“Can you heal a hernis?”

he can tell you what a hernia is

they named it all physical

maybe justification for a little of this

telling you that they were emissaries of God

for ten percent

all children are smarter than the parents

the parents are crystailuzed

just playing crossword puzzles, like me

the infant’s awareness

backed up by psychological tests

tremendous open mind

that mans you’re blocking

you’ve been taken so many times you immediately block

child has direct-mind ability

we can develop

direct-mind science

ESP instead of words

something we’ve neglected

animals have it

knows when he is safe

we hate telling them the truth bytelling them there’s no hope in this mess

pressure put on each generation to learn more

I worked here in Columbus years ago, airplane engineer

more rapid today than ever before

the child doesn’t know he cn’t do it

element of truth in children

we abuse the kid with seduction, emotional seduction

Santa Clause

if we say the right prayers to the Internal Revenue man

he gets suckered into this thing of love

people better not bother my babies

each person has a time gap

“Hey, I’ve got a business built up. You’re going to walk out?”

“We don’t buy this.” That was wisdom. But we failed to find the an alternate wisdom

they wouldn’t have any reason for not doing it

In Kent right after the National Gurd had shot some pepole

this door will be open for only a few years

very few interested in psychology

they’re interested in competing

check the bulletin boards

how many interested

racquet clubs

big building, almost like a factory

racquet clubs are gone

didn’t look for the zeitgeist to change

I tried to contact as many of the young minds that I could

I prefer to work than to write

I like to chop wood

the knowledge that came to me was non-verbalized

Thomas Aquinas

finite mind will never perceive the infinite

I realized that you could

all it wants to do is study

direct-mind approach, by becoming

getting late I guess

ask some questions

I wrote the book in 1972

he was a psychologist

if you’re facing the truth, you’ll be the only psychologist

and I said, “Finish. We’ve got one good lawyer then.”

all successful in their profession

runs a profitable business

psychedelics and grass


he was wrong. He turned onto a picture show, that was all

[side dw2 ends at 45:02]

File 3

times are approximate (done 2/23/2015 while recording)


… we just turned on to a picture show, that’s all. But regardless I’m very satisfied with the time I’ve put in

the loight has gone ourt for inquiry

basket weaving, as long as they were free

I’m going to take a break for a couple years

intuition, a lot more needs to be said about

Q. What are the things you see as changing in the next several years

R. military disaster

slow boil all over the world

Q. try to keep the energy from flowing back to the earth

R. has to be a tension generation

why isn’t there the intuition in the child?

a lot of parents don’t set an attitude

moral background

instead of playing the barnyard animals

biggest criminals on earth


the state can give you a license for services

number of little kids being molested

sanity is what you understand about yourself looking at yourself from upstairs

Jim Burns said this

behavioristic psychologists are manufacturing their own clients

pushing it on the kid. Give the kid a chance. Leave him alone.

once you see those glimpses you’ll never go back

book Psychology of the Observer …


Hubert Benoit, Supreme Doctrine

the human thought is linear

black and white

this is the world

we have up here what Benoit called the compensatory point

variations of gray

thought and no thought. Or any conviction

this seen from the compensatory point gives us an overiew

arrive at wht I call an umpire

hold court over it

jello or cake

the umpire makes the decision

green car or a black car

distinct consciousness that monitors out life

found yyour conscience, soul

this is not true

programmed for the benefit of the species

continuity of the human race

that’s the paradox that goes on

min 11

another point

umpire vs purely inspirational

not logical

umpire is very logical

watch the umpire work

you are anterior

if you’ve reached this point of being aware of the umpire

when you step behind that

the inspiration may be an intuitional thing


voice from the grave

this comes by simple meditation

we go through certain process of thinking

watching these different processes


heard a voice say, “Hey, don’t move.” brick flew over his head

the gamblers all work by this

what I call a process observer

there’s another step

Q. what’s at the bottom

R. the earth

we think in terms of opposite

you conceive of time

speech takes time

that’s your triangulation

space and time


they say, “Why don’t the dead communicate?”

this lanks out, ultimately

you reach a dimension that is not related to our time dimension

I was raised in a fanatical Catholic family

I just didn’t like this stinking world

I was going blind

rat poison


no angles

kept my hearing, last thing that geoes

clawed my way out of the abyss

woke up in the hospital

my discovery was not according to my belief system

wishful thinking

soothing of children


min 19

Q. What about bright lights, relatives

R. depends on the person


instinctive live purely for physical pleasure

nothing happened

no recollection

people who loved

see somebody that they thought was Jesus

emotional level

you divorce these things

emotion isn’t real

Alice and Wonderland aspect to our thinking

dump all this devotion to the guru

he may come up with abject atheism

these are the pursuit of logics


October 1974 Died at 10:22

I got tthat he was an atheist

he was over there in a sort of region of configurations

he was there and he was immortal

bardo, heaven, purgatory, hrll

in the final trip you go into yourself

you find God

inside yourself, and you’re one with it

min 24

Q. you said you were in a group

R. that wasn’t the cause

Q. Most people don’t have the ime like you did

R. Everybody’s got ttime

get any book of related material

you have to become

to be a runner you’ve got to go out and run

same way with the head

tremendously fat head, full of knowledge

chop it off

min 26

Q. just contemplate

R looking under every rock

open up little doors in your head

your intuition will tell you

the child has almost perfect intuition

deliberate wave of destruction by educators

Q. in lif you’re supposed to be where you are

R. I can’tdisagree

you’ve got to surrender but you’ve got to fight

I don’t want to go contrary to any laws

Q. nothing bad, nothing good

R. that’s a trap

only from the top of the pyramid

you have to live according to opposites

we are pretty much in agreement

everybody understands what’s expected of them

gap at min 30

once you get above it, there’s no desire to do anything evil

these people are friends

they are part of yourself

Q. how do you escape your programming

R. heve to know every moment

the pretense is that it’s acceptable

people live by the movies

Dukes of Hazzard

Q. diagram represent the physical organism

R this is how you reach your peak

use this energy to get what you want

say so many prayers, stand on your head

your computer is perpetually inconsistent

no guilt; because we don’t know what is wrong

we’re getting brainwashed about the change in values to suit certain people

no point in doing anything about it

only necessary to change urself

Q. nothing els at the farm until August?

R. right, August

camper, spend a month

we’re only too happy to have you

Q.somebody there all the time

R yes.

working in a group is more advantageous

actually miraculous

all the way down the line

it isn’t people that it works, but it works

last 12 years

best people in the world

reasons why people won’t assiciate

get hemmed in by their domestic life

it’s worth living

min 38

Q. zeitgeist

R. like a spirit that hovers over the earth

it came out of seeing the destiny of nations


astrology even

too much ego involved in it

if he didn’t have the ego he wouldn’t have needed the tanks


R direct—mind abilities that people have

but they’re not things you call upon

Apollonius of Tyana

this is like prophesy

no such thing as time

Swedenborg was able to look at the time strata

Paul Wood

he know that people were being killed by the thousands

fall of the sparrow

or is this part of God’s work?

he didn’t know what to do. He was going berserk

that was his instructions

it got worse

had to go through some mentsal torture to stop the head

prayed for God to kill him

woke up in the hospital

watching the battle of Gettysburg

never got employment after that

people came from all over Texas and Oklahoma

min 45

Q. simultaneous reality?

R that was his description of it

so far above it that he was indifferent

hard to translate

it’s the individual

you get your language to me.

ask questions

Q. could he choose what he wanted to see?

R. I don’t think so


[file ends at 44:32]

File 4

00:00 Q. …

R. I don’t think so. You know, Swedenborg used to do the same thing

talking to apostles

really good if you could look up ahead, headlines in tomorrow’s paper

Q. what kind of vision was revealed to you when you were at the mountaintop? do you have a clear vision of what you want to do?

R. life is basically useless, not useless, but it doesn’t matter, one way or another

you’re a different being

mountain are not mountains, valleys not valleys

after the experience you come back

eat, wear clothes, work, bicameral

I’m not too keen on being here, but I owe

make it available

now there are other factors, my ability to travel, get around, set up lectures

things I can say that are going to be intelligible, that someone will get something

the only thing I can see in life, a classroom

from the position I was in, I don’t have to worry about survival

next dimension?

probably infinite

this small-r reality is a dream in comparison

but if you talk to people, you’re bound to run into somebody who has been to the point of death, and they will tell you that

book of case histories

told that they had to come back

most opposed it

they knew that they were in a superior reality

time. tremendously different dimension

Q. life on earth is to evolve the soul

R. I can’t argue with it

I’m reluctant to use certain words, like God and soul,

name dropping, give them ten percent

God is in the self

we join him, we don’t fight him, fear him

soul doesn’t exist until you et to the point where can look back on the body

had the conviction of being everything

up ahead was nothingness

I was watching it. This is the reason the book is called Psychology of the Observer.

talking about a body, a carcass

the view is not the viewer

viewer is ultimate, the view is oblivion

“The looker is alive; that must be me.”

the reality of the body is no longer important

you can’t lose your soul. It’s impossible to lose it

you’re going to lose the body. That’s going to be lost

Q. gain something, here on earth

R. I don’t know how you would word that

you don’t gain

you are God. You’ve got to find it you don’t gain it

you open your own door to it

min 8

Q. Do you find that once you have this realization … when I came back I was more sensitive, more aware than I was before

R. I don’t doubt that

I’m less of a bastard. I used to be quite a bastard when I took a notion to be

you don’t try to run the world, because there’s no point of it

Don’t get too sensitive. I have to turn my head sometimes it’s your own relatives. you have to sit there and watch them die

not going to spring lose from this belief, belief in material ambitions and this sort of thing

I was pretty much of a fighter

shell of protection

you go through all sorts of torture

realize some truth from it

recognize that it’s a picture show

back in the valley, back in the act

Mahler: If there are no further questions, thank everybody for coming here.

[tape ends about min 12]