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Title 1984-0418-Peace-of-Mind-in-Spite-of-Success-Oakland-PA
Recorded date April 18, 1984
Location Oakland, PA
Number of tapes Two 90 minute cassettes
Other recorders audible? No
Alternate versions exist?
No. of MP3 files 4 files 47 + 47 + 48 + 19
Total time 2 hrs, 41 min
Transcription status Stub
Link to distribution copy http://distribution.direct-mind.org/
Link to PDF http://distribution.direct-mind.org/ Or try http://selfdefinition.org/rose/
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Remarks Intro was by Bill King but is not on the tape.
Audio quality High quality recording.
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URL at direct-mind.org https://www.direct-mind.org/index.php?title=1984-0418-Peace-of-Mind-in-Spite-of-Success-Oakland-PA
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Article, announcement, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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File 1

47 minutes.

There’s a big craze for achievement formulas.

Social ways for reinforcing people rather than looking for causes of failure,

Movie about guy who says a little poem while he rolls the dice, then drops dead later in the evening.

Two important themes. 1) formula for winning = betweenness.

All gamblers sense it. 2) the fatality associated with desire (attachment).

Many people reach what they aim for but are then dissatisfied.

This is another form of non-success. Objection to trends in modern psychology.

I have learned an entirely new psychology because I have viewed the mind from upstairs.

In samadhi the mind dies and you rise above it.

Beyond the synapses. Psychology of the Observer tells you how to go inside.

There is nothing outside. Most methods aim at externals.

There is something wrong with filling a life with actions you later regret.

“Seduction” of the child into the picture show. Mob rule.

There are two mental attainments.

The first is wisdom, the nth degree of common sense.

But far beyond daily wisdom is the knowledge of what is going on.

A man is what he does, not what he knows.

Action aimed at being will take you there.

This isn’t present in the group today.

Friendship is important but that isn’t my vector.

My intent is to make the truth known, so ‘m going back to writing.

Genesis of group beginning in Pittsburgh is example of success.

The formula is to remove yourself from the ego of achievement.

File 2

47 minutes.

You have to live according to a certain code, within nature.

This is the basis of wisdom.

Formula is necessary and demands intuition.

Innumerable factors, constantly changing.

And the factors go up when you get into abstractions.

Billions of neurons. The shunt around this is the intuition.

Process of living that brings about quantum energy.

The most important part is the type of vehicle you attach to the problem.

Tremendous power in Bill Wilson’s AA formula.


Nature is not evil but it’s there.

You have to deal with it, but there is a path you can take to go through it.

Nature gives you that leeway.

AIDS a result from lifestyle contrary to design of nature (body isn’t designed for certain acts).

Caesar’s comments on decay of Rome.

But we have no time to change society.

You can’t arrive at divinity without understanding the animal nature.

Decay of educational system. Psychological terms have no meaning.

Freud was a huckster.

You have to go inside yourself.

They are running a tremendous racket but have no definition for sanity or insanity.

The main cause of mental illness is a person getting past the point where he can govern himself.

Then he goes over.

Was handled by common sense in the old days.

Now we are overrun with counselors.

File 3

48 minutes.

Hypnotism demonstrations are to show we are zombies.

RR able to hypnotize by pointing at someone, was done by direct-mind.

Before something happens you don’t know it will happen.

So when it happens you don’t take credit for it. T

he human mind is knowledgeable about everything that is going on.

You find a point that removes the ego from the picture, and then things happen.

If you generate opposition you destroy yourself.

Christ healed with energy.

Betweenness takes no energy.

Holistic society in Monroeville.

Ambrose Worrell, healer. Child in orphanage, “Snow, snow go away.”

Child hasn’t developed ego yet.

There’s no age limit on realization but you’re much more flexible when you’re young.

Father-in-law a faith healer. Waste of energy.

The lesson has to be learned, otherwise the person will get sick again.

Don’t pander to degeneracy. Learned transmission from a Zen teacher.

The koan delivers the wow experience; death delivers samadhi.

Be impatient about inertia, but you can’t be impatient for no results.

Curiosity & desire; milk from thorns (redirection of curiosity from sexual urge to definition).


LSD synapses are frozen open.

We can channel energy for genius. With dissipation the mind loses capacity for inspiration.

Our moral system is the bedrock for our success or failure on this level.

Nicola Tesla and other geniuses were celibates or reclusive,

Transmuted energy to genius.

People can only interpret what they read at the level of their quantum energy.

This country is tortured by political and sociological slogans such as equality, that have no meaning.

Democracy. Our psychology has degenerated into voting.

The truth is for the few, not the many.

The majority isn’t interested in the truth.

I don’t know why I’m here in this dimension.

I only know I searched and then I found.

Anything short of God is a bardo.

But when you return, you have to live in the belief-state, or you’ll leave it abruptly.

People who are dissatisfied with their life suddenly want everyone to be neuters.

Children are smarter than adults.

They have an intuition, which is lost with age and with sex.

Marriage is no longer a viable institution in this country.

Feminism. Daycare – children adopt the lowest common denominator.

Artificial society, polluted by teachers who teach tolerance for all types of sex.

So it all falls back to the man, but we have few of those left.

File 4

19 minutes.

A lot of the social breakdown is caused by the government.

Destruction of marriage and the family.

Perpetually kept on welfare.

Psychologists are paid to back u the Congress.

All the religions agree on the divinity and on entities that aren’t visible to the eyes.

Synapse is access point to other dimension.

This is part of our environment also.

Story about his brother watching last rites from the ceiling.

Life appears to be an engineering experiment. Pterodactyl example.

Hand of planning is evident. Van der Leeuw illustration of space-time dimension.