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Title 1983-0323-Is-the-Game-of-Life-Fixed-Synod-Hall-Oakland-PA
Recorded date March 23, 1983
Location Newspaper article says Synod Hall, Oakland, PA (Rob Ayres note says Synod Hall)
Number of tapes Two 90 minute tapes
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No. of MP3 files Five files: 6 min (intro); 39 min; 46 min; 46 min; 45 min.
Total time
Transcription status First pass started June 24, 2015. About 1/3 done.
Link to distribution copy http://distribution.direct-mind.org/
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Remarks A video was made of this lecture.

“White cover” cassettes recorded and distributed by TAT Foundation

illustrates RR’s method of attacking concepts and belief structures.

One of the most complete renditions of L.o.Q. plus material on observing the mind, personal search.

Many life stories.

Audio quality Professional quality recording
Identifiable voices
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SN version: 45 x 4 including intro on side 1. White cover cassettes Recorded and distributed by TAT Foundation.

Also have DW version, 2 x 90 << check

Newspaper announcement Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Mar 19, 1983: "Is the Game of Life Fixed?"


and Alternate title (sounds generic, don't use): Will speak on psychology religion and human nature:


File 0 intro

6 min Intro by Mike Whitely. Mentions that the lecture is being videotaped.

File 1

Times are from DW version 37 minutes


[applause] I’m sure that was for Mike.

I’ve got a lot of notes written out here, but some things happened just in the last two days that I thought were very interesting. For instance, one of the questions here on the top of the page is “What is sanity?”

We have a group, as Mike told you. It’s been around for over 10 years. Some of the people here tonight have been with us for 10 years. And they’ve been digging to find out what their sanity is. And sometimes I feel that it’s 10 years of wasted work; that most of us haven’t discovered what sanity is. But we were sitting in the kitchen last night, and we were talking about depression, and this fellow remarked that he had been in a bad depression, and quite a few people in the group incidentally are in a bad depression, because I keep them that was all the time. It’s depressing to be around someone who’s always questioning why you do things.

So I thought maybe I was part of his depression. But he said that in this depression, which was hard for him to come out of, he was convinced that at that time he was in a more sane condition than he was before he went into the depression. That the answers that came up, the direction that he was driven in seemed to be much more sane than the everyday life that he’d been living before. Even though that question of depression might push him toward the cliff.

And I said to him, “You’re right. When you are in a deep depression you are more sane.” There are only a few times in your life that you’re sane. One is 5 minutes after you have sex, and the other is when you’re in a deep depression. Because you don’t kid yourself when somebody’s twisting your arm up behind your back. And in this case it’s yourself.


So it pays occasionally to get into a deep depression if that’s what it takes. I’ve often thought of the monks who went away in the monastery to find the truth. I was brought back to it here today, I think here was a rectory close to where those people were having fits or something. Because this is where I started out, in one of these places. I studied years ago above Pittsburgh here to be a priest. And I decided I would check out and find a broader spectrum. And not that I’ve ever regretted it, but I often look back and, when I get into these places there’s a certain, you feel at home or something, because I spent quite a few years there.


But the thing that I sensed was that the people who go out and deliberately look for the truth open themselves up for a tremendous depression, sometime or another, if they’re honest. Or they get into the alter wine and get to drinking, they can forget their depression. Or something else, you know. But you’re bound to face things sooner or later when you waste so much of your life, and if you’re in a monastery you’re wasting some of your life, seemingly, until you find the answer. Which may never be. So these are brave people who are willing to waste their lives in a subjective search.


So the thing is in Zen, for instance – I’ve given a few lectures on Zen – in Zen you have a similar thing, except that they’re not content to put in the long, let’s say peaceful years, of listening to the Gregorian chant and reading scriptures, or something of that sort. In Zen they sort of try to bring it to a head by a little bit of violence, you know. They cause depressions a little faster. And I’m in that school, predominantly. I’m in the school of saying, “Why are you doing things?”

Because if you stop to think about it, our greatest, most valuable period of sanity is when we’re zero to five years of age. And we’re not quite acquainted with the games of life. We have an honest perspective until we have to, we’re forced by our parents to be devious, you know, to get a piece of candy or 50 cents to go to the show or whatever. There’s a deviousness that develops. And we imitate the parents, who if they’re successful businessmen are devious as hell.


And deviousness is just part of it. The whole thing, everything from Santa Claus up to the fantasies that are circled around religious principles are nothing more than distraction to the mind. And someday the child wakes up and says, “Hey, I wish I were a child again. Because things were simple then and the truth was simple, and now I’m playing a game that I forgot was phony. I knew at one time it was phony.” But we add onto the complexities of the phoniness, and we get to believing it, and the next thing, we go to marching down somewhere to carry banners in the name of the phoniness.


I think that the point here is to, I have some questions that I’m going to put to you, and the point behind it is to, if possible, get some kind of an overview of, maybe some of these questions will hit you personally. Maybe they won’t. But I think you might get an overview of what I have encountered in my life, and let’s say, almost with a sort of at times despair.

I don’t think – and I think you’ll get a view after awhile that there is a thing called sanity and you’re not going to get it; it’s not for you. That’s your decision. But I think some of you know already what I’m talking about, that to get to that point, where you’ve risen above all suggestion, when you throw the television out and the radio, and all this continual hypnotic stuff that comes in to reinforce somebody else’s game. Somebody wants you to buy their product; somebody wants you to vote for them; somebody wants you to agree with what they’ve done. Somebody wants you to have a Pollyannic upon life, or a belligerent look upon life. And you’ll get that, one after another come pounding through to you.


And in a way it gets to be an orderly pattern. Some people even build up quite a philosophy about the order and maintenance of society, and we should all get in and help the thing become more orderly.

Lecture of questions

Mostly there are published here:


I don’t know. Buy anyhow, we’ll go on from there. And I’ll have to have my glasses.

What do you know for sure???

Does a man own a house or does the house own him?


Does a man have power or is he overpowered?


A predator or a victim? Or both?

Does a man enjoy or is he consumed?

Does a man really reason … or is he so programmed?

Can a man learn … that which he really wishes to … by himself alone?

Can a man become?

How shall he know what he should become?

Why build ant hills before knowing what an ant is?

Why do we build conceptual Towers of Babel about human thinking … before we know that which thought is?


How can we dare to define thought before knowing the source or cause of all thought? Or the essence of thought?


When we describe bouncing … do you describe the striking object or that which is struck?


Is thought the process of bouncing or the object struck?


Can you start thinking?

Can you stop thinking?


Is thought something received or something projected?

Is thought a sort of somatic effluvium?

Do we think, or are we caused to think?

Is negative thinking negative to man or negative to nature?


Does the brain generate thought like a radio generates the message coming from its speakers?



Is thought limited to the brain?


When a tree bends over does it create wind by waving its branches?

That is, what are you doing for certain? People think they’re doing things, but what are you doing for certain and what is being done to you?

Can theological facts be established by voting?


Is Mary the mother of God or is humanity the mother of God? Or Neither?

Is God determined by victorious armies?

Is virtue established by psychological edict?


By ecclesiastical vote? Or by the requisites of our ultimate essence?

What is sin? An offense against yourself? An offense against your fellow man? An offense against God?

Is an offense against God recognized by divine outcry, earthquake or cosmic catastrophe?

Is it a sin to eat meat?

Are the animals our brothers?

Are they possessed of intelligence and soul?

Every time I see that I remember a guy who was proving immortality to me. [Guy tells him a stor. Rose says no different for a dead dog]


[next are repeats]

Is it a sin to eat meat?

Are the animals our brothers?

Are they possessed of intelligence and soul?

Do animals sin when they each other? Or are such sinning animals pardoned for keeping ecology in balance?

Is it wrong to kill except for food?

If so, do we do wrong by not eating the people we kill?

Who is knowledgeable about good, the item goodness?

Is good that which we desire, or that which is in itself good?

What is the condition of "being good in itself"?

Is evil the child of good, or is it a twin?

If a man drives a horse through a plate glass window, should the man be prosecuted or the horse?

If a man steals to feed his children should we prosecute the man, or that which drove him, the children?

If a man rapes a girl, should be prosecute: a) the man? b) the girl who tempted (drove) him? c) his ancestors for his genetic disposition or d) the force that designed mankind?

Don’t get the idea that I’m endorsing anything. I’m just giving you something to think about.

What is equality?

Was Samson equal to Delilah?

Is a baby equal to a dying man?

Are you only half of a plan by virtue of not possessing both sexes?

Is peace of mind more important than global peace or herd peace?

Who or what are you?

Are you only a body? This s modern psychology.

Are you rather a complex organism? A cell colony? A nature-oriented bundle of conditioned reflexes?

Is the brain a monitoring station designed for the organism's indefinite survival? Or is our body programmed for death (death gene) following procreation?



[skipped this one: = Is all religion and philosophy merely rationalization emanating from that computer … to answer constant cellular awareness of death?]

Or is the universal belief in life after death an intuitive reading from that computer? A reading not completely translatable into computer symbols which are limited?

Is there a soul?

Did it exist before the body or must it be developed, grown, or evolved?




Now here are some that you might define for yourself: Mind, as other than somatic awareness; sub-conscious mind; ego, id, superego; chakra, kundalini; tisra-til; astral body, etheric, causal, desire bodies; aura, halo, ectoplasm; shabd or spiritual ear; conscience; spiritual nectar.

We’re a very complicated person when it comes to saving him.

What is time?

Does time pass or is it only you who passes?

Is space-time a stable matrix while we are only transient visitors?

How much of life is only a mirage?

Comments re delirium

Do we see this world infallibly or obliquely?

Comments re Conquest of Illusion and Brunton

Are the senses infallible?

Can you see, or hear, or feel, or smell or taste time?

Is time only a relative conceptualization?

What is the reality of time?

Does the ant or amoeba interpret duration the same as man or does its time pass more swiftly?



[gap in tape, possibly tape slipping]

... little insect, there’s a little gnat that flies around, a fruit fly. It’s got a very short lfe, but he seems to be very busy with what he’s doing while he’s living.

What is duration?

What does a lifetime feel like?


Does it feel differently to a child than to an old person?

What is the relation of memory to time?


Do we remember a "duration" or measure it if we have no clock at hand.


Do we remember how long a pain lasted when the pain occurred a year ago?

Would women become pregnant as often if they remembered the duration and intensity of the pain of childbirth?


Do we have a real sense of time when we hear a clock ticking?

Do we then know what a second is, or what stretch of consciousness exists for others in that second?


Have you ever heard a clock ticking in a delirium? Comments

If the mind can be distorted in a delirium or in an LSD trip, does the mind ever understand the true feeling of a second?

What is nostalgia?

Is it the soul's view of previous feeling?


What is space?

Is space interdependent with time?

Are they not measured by each other?

Now we take the light year, for instance. Etc.

More comments. The following is paraphrased:

Do space and time exist at all except in reference to us?

Do we have a true picture of nature?



When we appreciate nature as being beautiful, is such an appreciation of life or of death?

Have you ever watched the war that goes on in a drop of water or in a cancerous tissue?



How many protozoans are required to sustain the world’s metazoans?

Can they be counted?

How many protozoans are eaten alive every second?

How many microscopic metazoans are eaten each second by larger metazoans?

Is death painless for these beings? Do they scream?

How many small metazoans are needed to feed one worm for a day, or one insect?

How many worms or insects die every minute to feed the birds?

How many worms or insects are needed to eat a pair of birds and their fledglings each day?

How many worms or insects are needed for one hen's egg?

We generally have to have two for breakfast.

In the summer we hear the hum of many insects. Is this hum beautiful, orchestral, or a bedlam of screaming?

Are the songs of birds more than just mating noises?

They’re cursing each other out because someone didn’t bring home the bacon.

Are not trees more attractive in the autumn when dying?

Which is the true destiny of beings, a growth into individual-eminence or a means of energy through food for higher beings, meaning predators?

Look the whole scene over.



Should self-definition have priority over concerns for health?


Is the idea of personal immortality, before such an idea has been proven by experiencing immortality, any more than an egotistical idea?


Meeting in Steubenville


What are the mechanics of divine healing?

Should the search for God have precedence over using an unidentified divinity as a healing utility?

Comment. Theosophical Society, very proud lady, “I’m just trying to help God?”

These were not published here (or elsewhere that I have found) http://www.selfdiscoveryportal.com/arQuestionsLecture.htm

What do you believe? What do you want for yourself. Ask yourself that if you haven’t already.

What do you really want? What will this talk do for you. Or what did you expect to hear?

Do your desires qualify or color that which you hear?

In case there’s a little antagonism built up because I don’t agree with your creed or dogma. Is that coloring what you would like to hear?

Are you looking for health, longevity, or are you looking to ascertain who’s looking? What good does it do to be healthy if you don’t know who is healthy?

Are you looking for security or wealth?

dw1-32:57 <<< start here

file dw1 ends at 37:34

File dw2

Total time dw version = 44:39


... or whatever. Like a limited number of color rods in the eyeball. There’s a limited number of colors that we can see. There may be a hundred colors that we don’t even know exist. So regardless, we project things to a, let’s say in a comfortable manner so that things work out. But basically, everything that we see isn’t really seen until it’s projected. ND then we see the projection


And to give you a rather crude, but it’s a definite example, you see what you want to see, mostly. I remember one time when I was a young fellow, I went with a girlfriend and we broke up. And I’d be walking down the street and I’d see her, and I’d look more closely and it would be somebody else. Another couple blocks I’d see her again. No, I was looking for her; that’s the reason I saw her. The same thing with, oh, mirages. I think sometimes the do-called mirages are a thirsty person, eventually if he’s thirsty he sees a lake, or something of this sort.

dw2-01:12 <<< start here

we project this out on a visible plane

So if a man is color blind


the ultimate projector

who projected us

The definition of “meaning.”

Consciousness. Awareness. The mind.

The mind in sleep.

Abilities of the mind.

Observing the mind.


Attitudes and motives.

Value of friendship.

Truth in everyday matters.

File 3

dw version total time = 44:25


Where are we mentally? What price are we paying? We’re sending kids out to become PhDs, but what do they look like when they get to be a PhD? They don’t look as good as the people who worked in a mill for 10 years. They aren’t as healthy as people who worked in the mill. Their ideas are more fanatical. They only know what the professor told them, and he may have been sick too. In other words, we may be developing something, where we don’t dare let loose of this illusion that we’re rolling up like a big ball of wax.

Q. What does that mean to a person caught up in the middle of the whole game?

R. Well, there are lots of them, believe me. And the only thing I can see for that person to do, there’s nothing you can do unless you see it. Now, there may be a percentage of people sitting here today, they say, “Hey, I don’t agree with that fellow. It’s not as bad as all that.” And what can I say? What can you really say? I’ll say this, I’m not attempting to prove anything to you. That’s the reason I prefer to asking questions. because if you get up and you make a flat statement and you say, “So-and-so is bad,” which I have made [done] for certain psychiatrists. I don’t say they all are. I’m quite favorable to the Jungian type of psychologist, and I think there’s hope there.


But I can see the effects of people using destructive personal techniques. They’re destructive to their mind and their body. We were having a little conversation on that, coming up in the car, of the discovery of some new chemicals in the semen of the male. [note: Jaqua’s Conservation Therapy was 1986] And this big myth about female and male equality is going to be blown apart before very long. But you’ll not get access to it because you’re laymen, and you’re not going to get the medical journal, you’re not going to get these books that tell you that certain things are, this chemical particularly was directly related to schizophrenia. And the reason, this showed a higher prevalence consequently in the female than it did in the male, because the male generated it.

[break in tape. Some garbled. <<<<< need to investivate ]


... believed my mother was a goddess. She couldn’t do any wrong. And she didn’t run for office. She wasn’t trying to prove herself in society. But she had the love and respect of her family. But today, no, we want the family pitched against itself. The politicians want to pit the family for votes, that’s all. This all go back to a lousy thing called a vote.


Q. I read a concept that scared me a little bit, which doesn’t take much, but when we were born our process? of evolution stopped. That when you come up with the idea of being conscious, that we are totally responsible now for our evolution. [?]

R. I don’t buy that. I’ll tell you why. We get into, we were talking about chemistry, and you get into the mechanism. We’ve got a talk coming up here, down at the farm in June. Mike mentioned it, June the 19th I think it is. [missing tape: 1983-0619-June-Chautauqua-missing-tape And it’s going to be on brain chemistry and that sort of thing. And we’re going to have diagrams there to show you blown up pictures of the synapse, where the thought jumps across from one nerve to another.


Now these chemical things have been analyzed with the aid of electronic microscopes, which, it was impossible to see them before. But a lot is visible now by virtue of technology. And to me, the idea of man evolving without a tremendous intelligence behind it – I call it an engineer, in the book Psychology of the Observer. But there has to be engineering. This didn’t evolve. In other words, an animal writhing around on the shore, of course in the early days of life, did not suddenly, did not evolve and say, “Hey, I need a thinking process.” Something had to think for it, so it could have a thinking process. It didn’t create that thinking process out of evolution. Because we know by the time schedule it would take thousands of years to evolve anything.


We know that there’s a clam that at one time were trilobites, and these things have hardly evolved at all in a million years. I don’t know, I shouldn’t say a million because I don’t know. Anybody know how long the trilobites lived? How long it has been? But way back there, they find them back in the clay, they’re very primitive little clams

Now the same thing in the evolution of the things that came up in the water, your amphibians and that sort of thing. These things occurred over a period of hundreds of thousands of years. How could synapse evolve? Where did those very complex chemicals like the, there supposed to be the ketone enzyme. These are the things that are supposed to produce life, theoretically. [See Notes-On-Betweenness-from-DME for reference to a book. Search on “ketone”]. On the shore where the scum came up, before there was any creature, that where the water met the land, the ketone enzyme was supposed to have formed. The chances of this, I read a book by a scientist who wrote on it, the chances of a ketone enzyme accidentally bundling together, where hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen – it’s infinitesimal [use “practically infinite”] It couldn’t have happened. Knowing that, it had to have a coincidental other ketone enzyme with which to cross, for the beginning of life. And then the evolution going on for billions of years.

When you go back to the history of the earth, the earth’s history, I don’t think it was here that long. I don’t think that, like the ice age that predated life on earth [or was it hot?] you’re getting too far back in the ice age for anything to exist.


[R in other talks references a book, not found.

Ref: The Wistar Institute Symposium (1966)

Lots of leads here: http://www.pathlights.com/ce_encyclopedia/sci-ev/sci_vs_ev_1c.htm Possibly: J. Leslie, "Cosmology, Probability, and the Need to Explain Life "scientific American" Possibly: E. Ambrose, Nature and Origin of the Biological World, 1982

Youtube: Staggering Mathematical Probability of Just One Protein by Chance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh048UW2Tj4

For contemporary writers see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Sarfati and search web on Mathematical Impossibility of Evolution other leads: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_M._Morris#Books possibly: The Foundations of Chemical Kinetics – Nov. 1980 by Sidney William Benson, another site has 1960: http://www.worldcat.org/title/foundations-of-chemical-kinetics/oclc/167479 ]

But regardless, these things, like the neural systems, the very delicate chemicals and the very delicate relationships, such as a tiny gap, just like the spark plug in an automobile; the synapse in the brain works the same way. There’s something that has to jump. Why does the voltage jump across a spark plug? If it didn’t jump, nothing would explode it wouldn’t have any power. You can’t run a wire through a cylinder and have gasoline explode, it has to jump, and by jumping it exerts its power.


And the same thing with a thought. A thought isn’t going to ooze through one continuous nerve, through the brain and back into the fingers or so? No, it has to jump the same as a coil in an automobile. So all of this is engineered, not by evolution. I can’t believe it, that’s all. So consequently, I think the conscious creation we’re out of touch with. All we’re doing is replaying, replaying. [?]

Q. Could I ask you a question?

R. Yes.

Q. ?? becoming conscious you talked about taking a drink of coffee. That’s true with every particular act that we go through. If we had the ?? conscious of everything we do, because that means ?? coffee ??

R. Yes.

Q. ... doing that disciplining oneself.

R. You can’t discipline yourself, because what you’re doing, is that somebody told you to discipline yourself. See what I mean? It’s like I said, that the first step in the truth is to stop the mind. Because it’s running, it’s like a squirrel cage. You can’t, in other words, we’re caught in – how many of you are scheduled so tightly that you don’t have – I’m amazed that people can come here. I quit working, which is the reason I’m able to come here.

Q. Well, maybe that’s the ??


Q. You talk about the truth, but aren’t truths surround? by illusion?

R. Well, no, no, illusions are between us and the truth.

Q. inaudible

Q. Well what is truth?

Q. Your truth may not be my perception of the truth.

R. Right, right.

Q. And who decides?

R. You.

Q. And you.

R. No, I’m of the opinion that when you decide, when you find it, we will both know that each other has it.

Q. ??

R. yes, man does not learn the truth, man becomes the truth. See what I mean. Now these are things I can say to you, but I can’t prove it. And the only way they’re going to be of importance to you is if you have a hunch of what I’m talking about.


min 13

... for learning. A child between the ages of zero and five learns more in those five years than in any other five years of his life. And the correct view of life – but a child has it, but he’s seduced away from it. Every infant is seduced by the parent. Because he’s raising hell for some reason, God knows what. So they placate him, or they coo to him. He maybe wants to leave, you know, they talk about crib death

“If I can get out of this thing, I’m leaving.”

just check out

they linger in two dimensions. And you have to seduce them to get them out of the dimension

seduction increses

they’ve got all kinds of garbage they’re teaching them

in the army, marching them around

which means that they are the money that is paid out by adult politicians for their pipe dreams

and there’s nowhere along the line that children are respected

I’d been brainwashed since I was five years old

when I got to 12 I started thinking, “What’s going on?”

I started to draw correlations

“I’ve got to get out of here while I’m in one piece.”

I never worked at a job over a year, because every pland puts ou in a state of mind

insurance job; they have to brainwash you

guy’s made a million selling pots and pans, and they hold a convention and they all jump up and say, you know, “This is the thing.”

“Oh, that man is Jesus Christ.”

and they have to believe that to sell those pots and pans, or to give their money to him

the only I can think for procreation is not for pleasure, it’s for bringing clear-headed kids into the world

and have the courage to defend them. I read in the paper here in Pittsburgh where the cops are hammering first one kid’s head in and then another

where are the parents?

what good is a kid who’s got his head hammered in and he has to live in a nuthouse the rest of his life, just because he spoke back to God? od with a gun.


W have to somehow protect the children from this great psychological degeneration, or we’re not going to have any children. They’re going to be deviants. Moral people will become deviants in this country. They’re already becoming deviants.


R. Well, right. But I don’t mean that.

I say it’s very possible

They sprayed for bugs over there in Vietnam, and finally the bugs ate it. Now maybe we’re going to raise a race of kids who can indulge in all this degeneracy, smoke cigarettes, smoke pot, shoot some stuff into their veins, breathe pollution and whatever

Q. isn’t there a certain amount of ??

R. Yes

Q. How does one stop those things?

R. Well, I think that’s the first step. That’s what I did. I was 17 years old when I got out

I didn’t go out and start smoking dope, I went out and started reading books


R.. I’m drinking coffee up here, and if you people are as dry as I am, there’’s some back there in the back.

Q. What do you see as the difference between crazy and delirium?

R. Well, this thing of craziness, number one, I don’t believe in anything except protoplasmic insanity. I don’t believe in complex insanity. I don’t think complexes are insanity.


into your brain

We were talking about depression last night, because some cases came up of people who were depressed and couldn’t get out of it. Those are not insane people

chemotherapy is unnecessary. But it’s going to increase because of pressure

the advice is not valid

There’s one rule that people should follow when they’re troubled, and that is shut off the spigot. And the psychiatrist says, “Let it run, do as you please.”

10% of the people in the country have herpes

the troubled people form a vast brotherhood of troubled people

guy who flew over the cuckoo ’s nest

there’s only one form of schizophrenia that I recognize, and that’s possession

you can get into moods

if you don’t mix things up

depression plus dope

wound up smoking and chewing

he’s lonely so he goes and finds himself a woman

“I’ve got a pill.”

I said to this fellow in the institution, “What did you diagnose this man as?” And he said, “We haven’t diagnosed him.” And I said, “What do you got him penned up her for?” I say, “What are you giving him?” And he says, “Stelazine.” I said, “Why does a doctor give medicine without a diagnosis.”

He said, “Hey, bud, we’ve got a chemical for every thought.”


“We’ll introduce you to a swingers’ club.”

A man came down from Cleveland to my house

psychiatrist advised a swingers’ club, trade mates

It turned out that his wife was a lesbian. This is why he was depressed

she took all of his property

I got a thank you note from Utah.

But he was depressed because he couldn’t possibly produce anything but money in that relationship.

And when I told him what I thought was wrong he wanted to punch me.


But he went back and asked her.

But I think we’re going to have an increasing amount of frustration and juvenile suicides

I see things that irritate me

trying to get ideas across to people

you bark, like a dog in the woods, but there are no ears

If I’m going to try to do anything for people, it should be to publicize some of this stuff that goes on, and somehow put a stop to it.

The worst enemies we’ve got on this earth are he little old ladies who think that the status quo is so beautiful, and all we need is to hire more cops, beat more kids’ heads in

people getting hung in jails

in the community where I live, every jail has had people who hanged themselves, which idn’t exist in my entire life before.

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Political belief-structures attempting to overrule morality which has evolved over millennia.

There is a noetic element in man, but you have to stop the clock for it.

Deviancy is becoming normal. Schizophrenia and possession.

Psychiatrist. “We have a drug for every thought.”

Psychiatrist who advocated swingers club.

State control of families.

Youth suicides.

High taxes and bureaucrats.

We pro-rate expenses but we don’t charge for truth.

The “I Am” cult (note, founder is Guy Ballard, not Robert Ballard - misspeak).

Return to Cleveland from Seattle, people were like zombies.

Went back to WV and wrote Three Books of the Absolute.

“You die with honesty, expecting oblivion, but I was surprised that I didn’t die.”

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46 minutes.

Zombies walking to the ballgame.

The valleys are once again valleys.

I am the collective unconscious.

I found that I was the person behind the illusion.

Points of reference.

Your body is a playground for fantasies.

More Q&A

Generating quantum energy.

Sufficient physical work is necessary.

Prolonged effort creates a sense of urgency when there are no apparent results.

Self-criticism, looking back at life, is necessary.

Admitting daily truths.

Scientists RR worked with had little interest in life after death.

Life is an illusion, but a person has a chance to view the real self before his death.

The surprise is helpful in proving that you didn’t create the experience.


Radha Soami’s Kal.

There is no spiritual experience for a degenerated person.

You can find the truth through psychological means, you don’t have to study metaphysics.


 Url: http://www.direct-mind.org/index.php?title=1983-0323-Is-the-Game-of-Life-Fixed-Synod-Hall-Oakland-PA  For access, send email to editors@direct-mind.org 
 Possibly here: http://www.nytimes.com/1983/03/22/nyregion/news-summary-tuesday-march-22-1983.html … Presidential commission proposed that mentally competent patients be allowed to halt medical treatment that keeps them alive without any hope of curing or ameliorating their condition.
 The legendary kitchen, early 1970s: http://selfdefinition.org/rose/images/talks/richard-rose-kitchen.jpg  
 Butler, PA.
 The Wistar Institute Symposium (1966). A milestone meeting was the four-day Wistar Institute Symposium, held in Philadelphia in April 1966. A number of mathematicians, familiar with biological problems, spoke—and clearly refuted neo-Darwinism in several ways. An important factor was that large computers were by this time able to work out immense calculations—showing that evolution could not possibly occur, even over a period of billions of years, given the complexities of DNA, protein, the cell, enzymes, and other factors. http://www.pathlights.com/ce_encyclopedia/sci-ev/sci_vs_ev_1c.htm