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Title 1981-Spring-Hypnosis-Columbus
Recorded date Spring of 1981
Location Columbus, Ohio
No. tapes
Other recorders audible?
DVD number 1
Source J
No. of MP3 files 4 (28 min + 27 min + 30 min + 29 min)
Total time 124 min
Transcription status Nothing
Remarks We need to come up with a procedure for transcribing hypnosis demonstrations. It's a little silly to repeat counting from 10 to 1 for 5 different people, but on the other hand it's necessary to illustrate R's system.
Audio quality
Identifiable voices

Tape 1

File 0

Intro is by Paul Mahler but is not in separate file.

Announces 2 Chautauquas this summer: "will center on psychological discussions, and Mr Rose will explain direct-mind science. Weekends of June 7 and August 2. They are identical programs." [?]

Local "psychological research groups meets down on campus".

We meet at St. Stephens Episcopal Church at Woodruff and Hyde. (so this is not at that location) at 7:30 pm Wednesdays.

Called the OSU Philosophical Self-Study Group. A flyer for "the rest of the quarter. (Spring quarter?)

File 1

File 3