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Title 1981-0215-Psychology-of-Miracles-aka-Betweenness-Akron
Recorded date February 15, 1981 -- Jake: FEB 15, 1981 ; SH Original 2/15/1981

THIS IS IN DIRECT-MIND EXPERIENCE AS 1981-0215-Psychology-of-Miracles-Akron-from-DME http://albigen.com/html/dm/miracles.html

Location Akron
Number of tapes One 90 min and one 60 min
Other recorders audible? Yes. At least 2 other recorders.
Alternate versions exist?
Source N - - - - no, disk came from Jake
No. of MP3 files On DVD 2: 4 files (47 min, 48 min, 32 min, 25 min)
Total time 152 min
Transcription status Published in Direct-Mind Experience
Link to distribution copy http://distribution.direct-mind.org/
Link to PDF http://distribution.direct-mind.org/ Or try http://selfdefinition.org/rose/
Published in what book?
Published on which website?
Audio quality Sound quality poor. Will probably need headset.

At beginning and end of sides 1 and 2 there are frequent slippages of the tape. The copy from which this mp3 was made was new and in good condition so the tape slippage probably occurred when this tape copy was made, i.e., the error is unrecoverable from this copy.

Note: verify the above with SH original.

Identifiable voices Tim Franta, Harnish
URL at direct-mind.org https://www.direct-mind.org/index.php?title=1981-0215-Psychology-of-Miracles-aka-Betweenness-Akron
For access, send email to: editors@direct-mind.org
Revision timestamp 20150104083010

DVD #2 plus an undistributed alternate version


See notes on tape slippage at bottom.

File 1

47 minutes.

I’m going to start out with this chart. [Energy diagram, upward on left-hand side, pathways across, downward on right-hand side.]

We’re going to categorize things

Come out of the earth; first transmutation is food.

You have to move; you can’t heal yourself without exercise.

Energy can be stored in fat. Also glands, much more efficient.

Also neural energy.

Recent discoveries in brain chemistry. Effect on synaptic activity in the brain.

Most healing occurs in groups.

Huna healing.

Mental form of magic.


Shakti. Can knock you off your feet. Meher Baba, discipline, kept silent; not a spiritual knowledge, just the product of India.

Magic of entities.

A non-energy method of affecting magical happenings

Hawaii – chanting to invite dolphins to dinner.

When you talk about magic people write you off.

Bible – raising from dead, angels, etc.

Direct-Mind Science.

“Kapila’s eye.” Kapila and Shankara. Supposed to have stopped an attacking army with his glance.

Tecumseh – Ohio, tremendous power. Stamps foot, earthquake.

Somewhere underneath this is a common denominator.

Walking on water; changing destiny; stopping of blood.

Miracles of Faith, Lourdes, healings Christ.

Also healings of Rasputin, was a starets of Russia. Healed son of royalty, hemophilia. Would hole up in a cellar for a couple weeks, lived like a penitent, could heal when he came out. After would take all the women in town. Renewed his power in the cellar, the power to zap.

Hypnosis. Changing water into alcohol can be done quite easily with hypnosis.

Effect of the mind upon plants.

Now another faculty, direct-mind.

The bigger things are done with direct-mind.

Meher Baba and Gurdjieff were skillful zappers and they did this with direct-mind. Sometimes can be done at a distance.

Creation. In the chart the arrow points upward to creation.

Tulpas, Tibet. Alexandra David-Neel. Image of a person, took six months, could be seen by another person. Took a year to get rid of it.

Materializations. Witnessed genuine.

Telepathy is another form of direct-mind creation or projection.

Use of talismans.

Now to psychology. Without psychology none of this exists. The stage magician is a shrewd psychologist. Mechanics of magic seem to be very complex, but in this talk hope to simplify.

Science is supposed to be in the business of prediction. Hydrogen and water make water.

Gap at counter 640

Side 2 - File 2

48 minutes.

It wasn’t too long that I decided I didn’t want to be a stage hypnosis. Because I realized I was only touching the edge of this enormous ???? of thought.

Got into regression. Case of Bridey Murphy in England. Relates story about experiment in Steubenville, Edith Cavell. Hypnotist in NJ said he could go back into what Jung called the collective unconsciousness.

In Zen you reach a tremendous awareness by dropping the egos.

Healings by transfer of energy. Norbu Chen from Kentucky. Went to Tibet, etc. generated quantum energy.

There is an art of doing this. Not limited, because without energy.

Comments about George Blazer. There’s this (left) and this (right) but then there’s this (in between).

Measuring height of mountain by triangulation (using trigonometry).

Engineering discovery, atomic submarine, ways to pipe a certain liquid.

Transcend logic and intuition, the entire pattern is one of being, for the first time. ??

A magical betweenness.

Paradigm. A new language develops, a new paradigm. The entire human language is a paradigm. [note he didn’t say “English” language, for example]. Space-time is a paradigm.

Substituting for the term “no mind” we can substitute “no thought of the paradigm.”

Thought of action. Somewhere between action and non-action the magic can occur.

Remove the ego, remove the identification.

Refers to diagram of Jacob’s Ladder.

Relative physical consciousness at the bottom, running between opposites.

Find the compensatory point. In 1st triangle it’s the Umpire.

The mistake that is made by nearly everyone is thinking that the Umpire is our infallible guide. But we can see the Umpire is faulty. It makes bad decisions, such as allowing someone to fall in love with the wrong person.

Later you realize there was a silent intuition you should have listened to.

Side 3 - File 3

32 minutes.

But you’re still in a relative dimension. We can only think along these lines.

So we have a correspondence between higher intuitions that inspires us to go to church or follow some moral path of life that the Umpire didn’t necessarily take care of. And when we get onto that level we’re always at war.

[needs work]

Side 4 - File 4

25 minutes.

There are two hundred million people in the country, so that means I should have at most 200 listeners. But I know there have been 5,000 readers of the book. Back to this thing of healing. A lot of people say to me, “What are you doing for humanity?” And my answer is nothing. Nothing. I have no time for humanity. I only have time for a small segment of humanity; I’m trying to specialize. It’s going to take all of my strength and the rest of my life to contact those people I think I should contact. And that’s all I can do.

Behind all of this is a chief engineer, as I call it. From where we stand it doesn’t look so hot. But don’t get in to where the violence is, where the explosions are.

I started lecturing back in 1968 (?) and I ran into thousands and thousands of young people who couldn’t wipe their nose, but they wanted to change the world. And 50% or more are dead, and the world is still going on its own mad course.

Q – Why does there seem to be such a struggle to know oneself? RR – Well, in the diagram I show the arrows; the force that goes down is just as powerful if not more powerful than the one that goes up. What I call the upward vector is what a man becomes. The real vector is pointed back toward the earth. And nearly everybody is fighting tooth and nail to go back into the earth and at the same time to keep from going back into the earth. So between those two efforts there’s not too much for going up into the creative realm. Nature drags us down. We are like the wheat in the field.

Raja yoga is very good.

Min 17 I don’t believe in insanity. I believe in physical breakdown of the brain only.