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Title 1981-0120-Psychology-of-Miracles-Pitt
Recorded date January 20, 1981
Location University of Pittsburgh
Number of tapes Two 60 minute tapes
Other recorders audible? No
Alternate versions exist? Yes - Dave Weimer
Source SN
No. of MP3 files SN version: 4 files: 31 min; 31 min; 31 min; 23 min;
Total time SN = 118 min.
Transcription status Notes only
Link to distribution copy http://distribution.direct-mind.org/
Link to PDF http://distribution.direct-mind.org/ Or try http://selfdefinition.org/rose/
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Remarks Mentions Uri Geller, Norbu Chen, healing without energy, Edith Cavell story, Ambrose Worrel, casino story
Audio quality Good in most places. RR walks away from microphone but words still distinct. May need headphones to get audience questions.
Identifiable voices
URL at direct-mind.org https://www.direct-mind.org/index.php?title=1981-0120-Psychology-of-Miracles-Pitt
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Note: Actor in casino story is Cameron Mitchell.

See "Lecture on Betweenness" in Direct-Mind Experience.

Source: http://www.albigen.com/html/dm/between-ness.html (needs password)

File 1

31 minutes.

My life has been a pursuit of the miraculous, as in the title of Ouspensky ‘s book; from very young I approached the unknown, religion, phenomenal, magical.

Tried to be more objective as I got older.

Difficult to talk objectively about a subjective matter; but there is an objective result from what is claimed to be a subjective source.

If a healing occurs one would think that this is proof. But there’s another facet, a tremendous psychological twist, as you try to bring things to a logical conclusion, to step clear of blind belief or hypnosis.

Millions of people believe in religion with more credence than they believe in the science of mathematics.

The closer you study the facts of science, chemistry, astronomy the closer you approach subjective science, religion.

Black holes, collapsing universes, electrons that don’t exist except as a field. We’re looking for proof.

Spiritualist church, looking for materializations, we were chided by medium because we came as skeptics; supposed to believe, i.e., belief precedes proof. Another universal factor is belief in another dimensions.

Hundreds of millions of people pretend to be Christian; therefore they supposedly believe in other dimensions; but they send children to be taught that nothing exists except the body.

The logical pose sounds reasonable, but the psychological twist of the mixed message appears to younger people as being warped.

Most people in the world, all religions, believe in other dimensions.

But we are inclined to forget this; we accept that this is a hard world and we have to be sensible, pragmatic, to accept materialistic science.

But what is practical in one sense may destroy humanity in another sense.

[refers to diagram on board]

Jung had an open mind. But psychiatry and psychology discount everything but an objective world, because they can’t prove the other.

If you have a mental illness with a mental origin they can’t cure it. They only have chemistry.

It’s not a good idea for them to admit that they don’t know. Most so-called experts don’t have knowledge but only know how to pose.

In psychology the pose is that they know. That which they don’t know doesn’t exist.

For science of miracles you must find common denominators. People who believe in miracles never bother to classify them or understand mechanics of them.

Norbu Chen – American who went to Tibet to learn how to heal. You can learn yogic things or higher mental achievement in Tibet; can also read Alexandra David-Neal. Was undercover cop, worked in a prison in Kentucky, had to get out of the country. Went to Tibet, met a teacher. Learned ‘zapping’ type of healing. Surplus of energy transferred from one person to another.

[Note, account on Uri Geller’s site (not written by him) search page on Norbu Chen. Date was 1972: http://www.uri-geller.com/em1.htm ]

[Need to normalize audio at minute 11 – turns away from microphone.]

History – water to wine – really wine? Or able to get people drunk on water? Where did the power come from? We have to study this. We have primitive beliefs, we don’t question, just accept, as Christians. Christ casting out spirits, demons went into pig.

In Tibet, Norbu Chen was locked up in cave nine months until able to generate energy; article in Faith magazine. Method was to point and shout. That’s why I call it zapping, sudden transfer of energy. Went to Houston, charged thousands of dollars to remove tumors. Said he expected to be burnt out in two years. So what did he contain in his body that would be burnt out?

Christ said his quantum left him.

In Steubenville, met Slim Cunningham from WV, healer, encyclopedic knowledge, ran machine shop. Spoke with RR on intuition of healing by betweenness, without energy.

George. Blazer, Pittsburgh, very profound man, wonderful person, knew about betweenness; neither right nor left. Benoit, conciliatory principle.

[Walks to blackboard, away from microphone, audio bad.]

We live in a relative world in which there is no wisdom; only linear thinking; duality not singularity.

Example of dictionary-type understanding of things, cat is defined as that which is not other-than-cat.

Stuck with linear thinking. But have to see both from conciliatory principle. You can’t know until you get above it. You won’t know what mental troubles are until you get above the mind.

You can’t understand the mind with the mind. Talleyrand, language was invented to deceive people.

Kathryn Kuhlman healer in Pittsburgh; RR wrote her a letter when young, visited her, she knew he was coming and knew people’s ailments. So how did she do this? What is common denominator? She drew the energy from the crowd. Also the setting, the room, is charged.

Abac(?) the Healer, famous in middle east, couldn’t heal in U.S. Somebody from Africa challenged Billy Graham to healing contest, he declined, it would have been outside his believing environment (as in power place, in Carlos Castaneda).

File 2

31 minutes.

We have had hypnosis demonstrations where people were hypnotized to think as one person. And they were able to heal. Of course, did they really heal or were they simply under the same spell and believed they were healed?

[walks away from microphone at minutes 3 thru 11, audio volume low]

Jim Mills(?) from Pittsburgh as example. RR put him in mood of being able to hypnotize, but everyone in room was already under the suggestion; immense amount of energy already going in that direction; doubts whether he could have done it when he returned home.

Scientific approach to this: [refers to energy diagram] No matter what religion, the people who do this have a common denominator, they build up their own energy. I have no knowledge, rationally or intuitionally, that anything comes from upstairs. RR shows movement on chart, transmutation of energy from earth, plants, digestion, body, glands, neural energy, mind.

Tension is required for energy; to generate, focus and project it. The problems of the mind: who am I, where am I going? You hit something that can’t be outlined in scientific terms. You find that you know who are.

Relates story of some healing sessions at the farm.

Cured B. Martin from alcohol for a year. Ego trip.

I’m not sure that healing is helping people. If you’re sick maybe you’re supposed to die; I‘m not running the show.

Father-in-law a Pentecostal, very sincere. Tent meeting in western Pennsylvania, healed a man with tuberculosis; met him again 5 years later a total drunk. So what good was the waste of this energy? But noticed some times that healing took place with no loss of energy.

Discussed with Cunningham, said yes, Ambrose Worrall used the same system. A much more subjective system; it’s the way you hold your head. Have to get your head in the position before you can hold it there,

Huna healers in Hawaii. A form of magic. Max Freedom Long’s research on them.

Q on tension. RR - Spark in a spark plug depends on the tension in the gap. More on Huna system of magic.

They knew of the subconscious mind.

Book by Horatio W. Dresser on Dr. Quimbey: The Quimbey Manuscript. http://www.amazon.com/Quimby-Manuscripts-Horatio-W-Dresser/dp/0766140520


Based on power and wisdom. Detachment similar to that of Edgar Cayce, opened a channel but didn’t make personal claim. Have the desire and then forget about it.

Movie about casino, drunk gambler repeats a piece of doggerel, goes on winning streak, drops dead. Movie interested RR because it was different; whoever wrote it was pointing out a special knowledge. Keep your mind off the fact that you’re betting your shirt, forget that you made a bet.

File 3

31 minutes.

Learned this trick playing card games, trying to keep mind off illness.


When young was so sensitive that I felt I was being drained by people (may be due to belief). Overcame this by making a mental reservation. Nurses told don’t feel sorry for patients. Gurdjieff’s story about guy who blew the factory whistle in the morning, cursed the town in 4 directions prior, to protect himself.

[10-minute intermission; tape stopped and restarted]

There are different categories of miracles. Some have undetermined cause; some caused by entities; personal experience with materializations; what effect they have on our lives; mechanical – primitive person sees airplane for 1st time; mentally caused, an illusion; spiritually caused, divine being. Tecumseh. W. J. Crawford’s book, published in Scotland, on table-levitations (says in Albigen Papers), wrote to publisher, out of print; found it by accident at an antique shop a few months later. D.D. Home (pronounced ‘Hume’, Scotland in 1880s) said he could levitate.

Other causes: Powerfully-minded men (Abak the healer, Norbu Chen). Tricks. Hypnosis.

Need way of quieting the mind so that it will be receptive to anything subjective. Self-hypnosis. Visualization system sold by hucksters, visualize going down a staircase, looking in a filing cabinet, etc.

Fantasy that we’re going to make a new world; no, we’d create a sick manure-pile. Hundreds of meditational systems like a kid in a candy shop, believed by adults; cruddy little creatures one step above the animal being the emissaries of God. This pose itself keeps people from God. Not belief but doubt is needed. You’re going to guess and then be damned if you get it wrong?

We live in an inter-dimensional world; everything is instigated, individual has no control. Bam Berkowitz, mass murderer, said ghouls would come in to pick up blood. We are outwitted. Only a person skilled in meditation, tracing thoughts back, can see how he was outwitted. Parasitical system, chicken eats worm, we eat chicken.

Q on energy.

Metabolism isn’t constant, has ebb and flow.

It’s not a question of whether they’re going to eat us or not; but that it’s a vital part of our environment that we haven’t bothered to explore. When you start looking for yourself, or if you’re just looking for knowledge, you can’t afford to turn your back on anything.

Because now the science is not chemistry, the science is the self. What makes me think? Who is the thinker?

You have no choice but to find out which of these people is you.

Things are so tightly related you can’t ignore what causes you to think, to project. Science has neglected this, smug answers, says it’s superstition; their system of rebuttal is too easy.

File 4 =

23 minutes.


RR - I’m hoping to get through it [life] as quickly as possible. I don’t see any point. The longer I live the less love I have for this place. Just don’t shoot me tonight.

The more hyperactive people can’t stop long enough to read a book, to meditate, self-analytical exercises. Old saying, “if you want to live to be old, get yourself a chronic illness and take care of it.” You’re going to baby yourself. Whereas a person who feels wonderful keeps spending energy; forms rationalizations. He psychologist says the sick person went to religion as escape. A person who is more hypothyroid (sanguine) is more imaginative, so they don’t refute. If you want to judge people you have to judge them by their values. Some people have no desire for self-knowledge.

Four categories of people in old psychology: pyknic, dysplastic, neurasthenic, muscular, RR can’t remember exactly. [ see footnote bottom of this page ]

Neurasthenic. Tall, lean, small shoulders, narrow head, strong convictions.

Hyperthyroid: Conquer the maggot pile in your live, never thinking why.

Hypothyroid: RR says he is this type. Kept me interested. Slow metabolism.

See http://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/content/full/159/7/1111

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_Kretschmer

[Note: also see Differential Psychology - Individual and Group Differences in Behavior by Anne Anastasi, page 228, reference to Ernst Kretschmer’s type theory: 1) pyknic 2) athletic 3) leptosome and 4) dysplastic, and relationship with psychological temperaments. ** See link to Google books below this form, page 5. Very interesting. ]

[RR walks over to energy chart, audio low, minute 8]

In my youth I made it my business to study all men of accomplishment. Napoleon Hill’s book. You have to concentrate; narrow down interests. Retention of sexual energy. When the ear of corn shows its tassel the leaves begin to dry. A man starts to die as soon as he reaches a certain age. Yogic science to preserve vitality. Need 100% of energy. Contrary to Wilhelm Reich’s philosophy of the running faucet.

For 10-20 thousand years the holy man lived a celibate life.

Easier to reach alpha state, easier to think. Lady came to visit, had Scientology e-meter. I found I could move the needle. Regression experiments, take people back to before birth. Corresponded with hypnotist in NJ, he said they could tell you anything you wanted. Helped for them to be in same race or origin. (ancient Greek temple)

Experiment, got information on Edith Cavell, WWI nurse, executed by Germans in 1915 in Belgium as spy for the British. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edith_Cavell Woman in audience verified the story, was a child in England at the time.

When you get to subjective matters, sometimes the only thing you have to go by is how well your intuition is perfected. “Miracles” – you can only change at the fringes. Christ said person was made sick so he could cure him.

Chanting practice in many religions. Accomplishments in RR’s life may not have happened if he had received what he wanted and were not rebuffed. After so many years you quit and then thing happens. Ego interferes.


    • Link at Google books