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Title 1980-Spring-Hypnosis-Columbus
Recorded date 1980 Spring -- need date
Location Columbus
Number of tapes 2 @ 60
Other recorders audible?
Alternate versions exist?
Source DM and DW
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Total time
Transcription status Notes, side 1 only
Link to distribution copy http://distribution.direct-mind.org/
Link to PDF http://distribution.direct-mind.org/ Or try http://selfdefinition.org/rose/
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Audio quality
Identifiable voices Intro by Paul Mahler
URL at direct-mind.org https://www.direct-mind.org/index.php?title=1980-Spring-Hypnosis-Columbus
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Update Dec. 2014

Two versions: DM, and SH purch from DM

Files: 0 = 2 min ; 1 = 26 min ; 2 = 26 min ; 3 = 30 min ; 4 = 28 min.

File 0 intro

Intro by Paul Mahler

0 = 2 min ;

Welcome to the hypnosis demonstration TAT stands for Truth and Transmission Meets four times a year Two Chautauquas this summer psychological and Mr Rose will direct-mind sciends Group in Columbus 7:30 every Wed OSU Philosophical Self-Study Group Lifetime Albigen Papers So without

File 1

1 = 26 min

People coming in from Akron

I’m not particularly a hypnotist

You don’t know the human mind until you’ve gotten inside it

The book had mechanical methods

pinwheels turning mechanical system

A lot of people just didn’t believe that there was such a thing as hypnosis

A power of the human mind they would not like to admit

to point out that everyone is hypnotized all the time

you wonder after they left how they did it

exact technique


we’re going to reprint it

archives in Washington DC.

Xeroxed it

one of the most outstanding books written on it

there’s an absolute lack of any good books on hypnosis

min 6

There’s a strong suspicion that the human being is not a free agent

if the hypnotist at the turn of the century

lynch mob out for every hypnotist

tinkering with a girl when she was under hypnosis

they want to believe

first realize that you are not a free agent

awareness of the effect the thing is having on your mind.

certain types of art

first finding freedom

by studying the human mind and knowing the tricks you play on yourself

you can sure shut the door between your physical consciousness and the spirit

mechanical methods

laborious process

tiring of the eyes

TV - nine chances out of ten it’s post-hypnotic suggestion

if you see it done, then it’s like a domino theory

in the process

I didn’t have to stick them with a needle

I became aware of their mind

This is what I mean by direct-mind hypnosis

Chautauquas down on the farm

This wouldn’t happen unless I was pretty sure of myself

I would say, “You have a headache.”

you’re getting into rapport with your subject

rapport is the threshold of direct-mind

sensitivity session shotgun rapport

beyond the mundane difficulties of the hour

these don’t happen mechanically

a big thing today on auto-hypnosis

more dangerous


you could get hurt if you were alone

outfit in Canada

offshoot of the Gurdjieffian movement

Rolfe Alexander

Any time that you have to chant a repetitious sound

people are escaping from reality

I went through a bunch of esoteric groups

nearly all auto-hypnotic

one in Pittsburgh, concentrate up hear

[gap in tap]

so engrossed with the smooth - willing to donate

reality itself is not reality

instead of trying to find


hunting another dream like children playing with dolls

there’ not going to be any entertainment at somebody’s expense ability to regress people

go right back to their infancy

hypnotize them and sk them the same set of questions

they will become really amazed that this can be brought out

clear back to prenatal conditions

Ron Hubbard

psychic scars or psychological scars

clear them as these scars

the kingdom of heaven is just peace of mind


exploring your past

sit and think about your traumas

find out what has poisoned our system


Tibet hypnotize at a distance


find themselves on the foor, crying and blubbering

may take ten years studying



Meher Baba

healers that come out of Tibet …

[break in tape]

side 1 ends at

File 2

File 3


none yet