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Tentative conclusions

Feb 16, 1979 (Friday) would be 1976-01-New-Age-Bookstore-Los-Angeles-misdated (which is dated on some tapes as 2/16/1976)

Feb 20, 1979 (Tuesday) would be 1979-0220-Chelsea-Bookstore-Long-Beach-CA-missing-tape

Feb 22, 1979 (Thursday) would be 1979-0222-United-California-Bank-Brentwood-CA-missing-tape


This lecture is mentioned in 1979-0418-Direct-Mind-Approach-to-Absolute-OSU

On side 1 at 05:55 Rose says, "I was out on the West Coast giving lectures a couple of months ago" So the month is maybe February.

This ties in with comments in the intro of 1976-01-New-Age-Bookstore-Los-Angeles-misdated

See calendar for Feb. 1979, based on the dates mentioned below. Feb 22 is a Thursday:



Could be 1976-01-New-Age-Bookstore-Los-Angeles-misdated on SearchWithin as "Los Angeles Lecture, 1976"

Some of these tapes were labeled 2/16/1976. Probably should be 2/16/1979. This would fit the calendar according to the comments in Dan's introduction, and also the comment "a couple months ago" in 1979-0418-Direct-Mind-Approach-to-Absolute-OSU.

From intro of that:

Dan: We will also have two more lectures [2/16/79 is Friday] and one will be this Tuesday [so 2/20/79] and that will be at the new, what is that new bookstore, David?

David: Chelsea?

Dan: Chelsea Bookstore, in Long Beach. And on Thursday, the 22nd, [so 2/22/79] which will be at the United California Bank, the Brentwood branch.

Can't be 1980

Jan through April dates and days don't match.

The only Thursday the 22nd in 1980 is in May.