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Data Template

Title 1979-Moods-Ohio-State-unpublished
Recorded date 1979
Location Ohio State, Columbus, Ohio
Number of tapes 2 x 60 min
Other recorders audible?
Alternate versions exist?
Source 4 versions so far: MJ, DM, DW and MF, plus partial version from BM. The MJ version is lower fidelity.
No. of MP3 files MJ version has 4 files: 32 min; 29 min; 32 min; 32 min; the others are roughly the same.
Total time 2 hours
Transcription status Mike Fitzpatrick did the book version in Direct-Mind Experience (Chapter 2). This version is significantly different
Link to distribution copy http://distribution.direct-mind.org/
Link to PDF http://distribution.direct-mind.org/ Or try http://selfdefinition.org/rose/
Published in what book?
Published on which website?
Remarks Rare material. Only 3 versions are known. See category "Moods" at top. The tape for the published version may not exist. A mythical 4th version from 1978 hasn't been located.
Audio quality
Identifiable voices
URL at direct-mind.org https://www.direct-mind.org/index.php?title=1979-Moods-Ohio-State-unpublished
For access, send email to: editors@direct-mind.org
Revision timestamp 20160820224317

to check

Side 2 the Bee Gees are playing in background; See if commercial version has this.

Must compare this recording with the published version. They are significantly different.

The published version also says 1979-Columbus. It's unlikely that Rose gave the talk twice in Columbus, so this is another puzzle and/or clue.