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A Chautauqua was given in June 1978 with the topic of hypnosis. See this page from the TAT Journal for details (search page on "hypnosis"):


FARM: "The June Chautauqua on hypnosis involved good deal of work and preparation by the men in the Wheeling area who keep up the farm. Once again, they are to be commended for their work which made the Chautauqua a success."

Hypnosis Workshop

Richard Rose said that two of the underlying mechanisms at work in the process of hypnosis are "uncertainty and belief." As he swayed his shoulders behind one young lady, she gradually became faint and dizzy. He had suggested to her that she was floating in a rocking canoe. As he swayed behind her a condition of "uncertainty" was created. This left her open to the suggestion until finally the actuality of the canoe became a conviction, a belief. Eventually, she passed into a state of sleep.

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An announcement appeared in the prior TAT Journal:


An Entire Weekend on Hypnosis and Self-Help Psychological Techniques

Hypnosis in Healing • Habit-Breaking • Mental Problems

  • Diagnostic Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis as a Means of Finding New Powers of the Mind
  • Hypnosis as a Spiritual Lever
  • Regression, Auto-Hypnosis
  • Hypnotic Techniques - How They are Literally Used to Build Fraudulent Empires or to Make Millions in Merchandising
  • Conducted By Richard Rose, Author, Lecturer-Consultant with A. Fitzpatrick, Psychologist, and Frank Mascara, Lecturer on Psychic, Psychological & Other Hypnotists
  • Begins June 3rd & 4th AT 10 A.M. For more information and reservation forms, contact you local TAT group (see inside front cover) or write: TAT Foundation ___