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Title 1978-Direct-Mind-Intensive-WV
Recorded date 1978 probably August; check for June
Location Farm
Number of tapes Various: "edited" version in P Schmidt collection two 30-min files
Other recorders audible? ?
Alternate versions exist?
Source P Schmidt 1x60 , Dave Mettle 1x60 , Gary Harmon 1x60, Weimer 1x60
No. of MP3 files
Total time
Transcription status
Link to distribution copy http://distribution.direct-mind.org/
Link to PDF http://distribution.direct-mind.org/ Or try http://selfdefinition.org/rose/
Published in what book? See below for list
Published on which website? See below for list
Audio quality MJ horrible - need headset // Gary's also not good // SN is good // Weimers is ok.
Identifiable voices
URL at direct-mind.org https://www.direct-mind.org/index.php?title=1978-Direct-Mind-Intensive-WV
For access, send email to: editors@direct-mind.org
Revision timestamp 20150630102618


This is similar to 1981-Intensive-Farm but they are different.

For example, this has "Tweeny Town" but 1981 does not.


Entire tape 1x60 is Rose reading from works that appear to have been published later in various places.

Need to review, verify and edit.

Only some basic pasting has been done so far.

File 1

Starts midway into Approach-to-Validity http://www.searchwithin.org/journal/tat_journal-08.html#5

Later picks up from beginning.

Reads "Tweeny Town"

From http://tatfoundation.org/forum2001-11.htm#1a

Reads Also from: http://tatfoundation.org/forum2001-11.htm#1a

There was a god of wisdom in consternation. His name was Paradox. . Fear him not and know yourself. That which seems to be may not be. Up is down and east is west. Good is to some evil, and evil to some is good. In time there seems to be space, and in space we find duration. And in space-time we find that time and space no longer exist. Know that knowing—real knowing—is not knowing. Know that all laws cannot enter the knowing of the mundane mind until they have been given to us by Lord Paradox.

Reads from The Books of the Relative

by Richard Rose http://tatfoundation.org/forum2002-10.htm#1a

My name is legion, but I have but one Lord. I am an army standing against myself, and for the dust of my flourishes, I cannot see my Lord. Our voice is like thunder, and madly we shout to be heard above our echoes. How then can we hear the voice of the Lord? Loud is the flesh, so that its ears are drowned to the voice of the Lord.


also reads from Lecture of Questions part 2:


Look here too, part 1: http://tatfoundation.org/forum2003-04.htm#1

Also here: http://www.selfdiscoveryportal.com/arQuestionsLecture.htm

File 2

Lecture of questions, need to identify source.

This is close: http://www.direct-mind.org/index.php?title=1974-1112-Obstacles-Cleveland

Can the mind be aware outside the body?

pleasure and pain in varying degrees and combination

is consciousness not pain?

Reads from "Intuition-and-reason"

Reads from "The Mirror"

Who is it that speaks to you

o is it that speaks to you?

Who is it that listens to me?

If all is God . . .

Can we pretend to be the soliloquy of God?

Can we pretend for a moment that we are all particles of God,

Enjoying his divinity?

A bird in the tree sings, saying,

I am here now, I am here now,

O the glory of being here now . . . .


Reads from: http://www.searchwithin.org/journal/tat_journal-08.html

Why do we work so frenetically? Is it to get a better job, a better house and car, so that we can have a better mate, and better children?

Why do fantasies beget agonies?

Is our ulterior self in our heads or in our gonads?

Why do we still have innate spiritual hope, unless our intuition sees a solution?

Is spiritual hope and belief nothing more than a part of a robot's programmed stimulation?

Does a robot have any meaning or purpose beyond the intentions of the designer?

Can a robot program itself in any degree?

Can a robot be programmed by other robots for its own good?

Can a robot be reprogrammed in this manner to seek its definition and self-motivation?


DW side 2 ends at about min 23