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On one of the old lists, and on Mike Fitzpatrick's tapes, the date of one the Moods lectures was indicated to be Oct 1978. However a 1978 version has not been located, and Mike's tape is actually the same as the versions dated 1979 (below).

One version in this series was given in 1978 in Cleveland, which is 1978-1023-Nostalgia-and-Dreams-Case-Western

If Rose gave this lecture in October in Cleveland, it's likely he did the same in Kent, Columbus and Pittsburgh at close to the same time.

The 1979 Commercial version is this 1979-Moods-commercial-recording with no month given, just the year, and that recording is the same as this; 1979-Moods-Ohio-State-unpublished which has 4 and a half tape sets. None of these have a month given.


In 1979-0418-Direct-Mind-Approach-to-Absolute-OSU someone asks a question beginning with:

"Q. Your last lecture here at the Cathedral I believe was a talk on Moods"

The Cathedral of Learning is at Pitt, but the word is garbled on DW tape. Check other versions.

This is on tape Dave Weimer side 3 (Direct-Mind Approach to the Absolute) -- dw3 at 08:02

This points to a late-1978 or early-1979 lecture on Moods in Pittsburgh.

The 1979 version should be checked for any references to the date or venue. Recognizable voices may help.