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Dave Weimer has

One 90 min. cassette labeled only "Pittsburgh 4/6/78"

Article in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Printed April 1, 1978 - the week before


Also in Google News


Richard Rose, author of the Albigen Papers, a manuscript on Zen Esoteric Philosophy, will speak Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the first floor dining room of the University of Pittsburgh student union in Oakland. The talk and dialog will be on the topic "Zen: The Most Perfect Psychoanalysis". It is sponsored by the Esoteric Studies Society, a group of Pitt Students.


This is the same date as 1978-0406-Group-Meeting-Pittsburgh which is not a group meeting

The talk 1978-0406-Group-Meeting-Pittsburgh is a duplicate of 1977-0204-Pittsburgh-February which is the same as [1976-0729- same as E&E Lect. 7/29/1976]

Have to start transcribing this to see where it fits.

May be in Book

Check the book Psychology of the Observer to see if any of this is included.