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Title 1977-0204-Pittsburgh-February
Recorded date February 4, 1977
Location Pittsburgh, PA
No. tapes One 90 minute tape
Other recorders audible?
DVD number 2
Source N
No. of MP3 files 2 files: 47 min; 45 min.
Total time 92 minutes
Transcription status Stub
Published in what book?
Published on which website?
Remarks Side 1 and 2 are verbatim of side 3 and 4 of “1976 Energy and Entities Lecture”, Pittsburgh, 7/29/1976. Either this tape is mislabeled or the other is mislabeled.
Audio quality Good
Identifiable voices


DW tape

Weimer's tape is labeled "Pittsburgh 2/4/77"


File 1 is the same as file 3 of 1978-0406-Zen-The-Most-Perfect-Psychoanalysis-Pitt

BUT this sound like a lecture, not a group meeting.

need to check this

[Side 1 and 2 are verbatim of side 3 and 4 of “1976 Energy and Entities Lecture”, Pittsburgh, 7/29/1976. Either this tape is mislabeled or the other is mislabeled.]

File list

Using sn1-1977-0204-Pittsburgh = 47 min AND sn2-1977-0204-Pittsburgh = 45 min

File 1


What are the results of this? What is the history of the acquisition? I say, we’ve heard now certain aims, or certain formula. Well acquiring this knowledge, if you want to call it that – it’s actually not knowledge. You can’t acquire a realization of the absolute – you can only become. You can’t acquire a change in the state of being, uyou just change, that’s all, and you can’t describe it generally when you change.

But you’ll have quite a few people – if you want to look in the books, there are quite a few books on it – describing people who have found the answer to the algebraic X. that they seem to know. And these people come in certain categories. I somehow believe that the things that happen to a person after death, somehow are parallel to these categories of appreciation or of realization.


In other words, you’ll hear people say, “Well I found God.” Another person will say that they have reached satori. And another will say he has reached cosmic consciousness. And still another word is enlightenment. Now there are a lot of other words you’ll hear besides that, I mean, but they fall generally into those four categories. [siren] And when I was young I kind of thought they were all the same thing And when I was young I kind of thought they were all the same thing, it’s just a matter of [that] one man explains it a little differently.

But after examination of these, by people who have spent their lives in each one of these different categories, we find out that they’re not all talking about the same thing. So that when a person finds God, sometimes he’s talking about losing his instinctive self. In other words, if you find the salvationist. I like to mention or use that term because most of the people who have been “saved” in Pentecostal movements or in something similar to that, maybe just by searching from the Bible or something, are similar to people who find salvation in a personal guru.

For instance, it’s the abandonment of the individual ego, the submission to another ego, or another force. And it’s very difficult for a person on what I call the instinctive level – instinctive as described by Gurdjieff – a person on an instinctive level to suddenly leap past all these different stages and finally come into the awareness of everything, without having had some shedding of misunderstandings, misconceptions.

The instinctive man, or the man who’s merely living for the next drink or the next sexual experience or something off that sort, is not going to give too much thought to philosophy. But he may become dissatisfied with his life, and he may have enough trauma to get him to a position where he 03:48

For the rest see 1978-0406-Zen-The-Most-Perfect-Psychoanalysis-Pitt

min 19 The third category is a vision or lifelike dream. Precognitive. Can change the course of a person’s life. The fourth category is the apparition. May be seen by others. Vision at Fatima; ghost.

The last category is physical. The door to the mind through the physical senses. Hologram. Mirage. Bible that disintegrated when touched by the possessed boy, in the story behind the Exorcist movie.

These projections are three-dimensional and they are often audio-visual.

[break at min 31 – original was apparently a 30 minute tape]

… with the touch sensation appearing in thoughts less frequently than the smell and taste sensations. We cannot think about our thoughts but we can think about thinking.


min 45 Now that’s a prolonged bit of evaluation, more than a koan. But I hope that in thinking about thinking you start possibly to look upon our relation to our source. Our life is projected upon us. And in one of the Zen books, I ran across this little saying, I forget who wrote it, it doesn’t matter, that the eye that looks upon God is the same eye that God looks upon man. Basically we have to look. And we find, I think, that after you concentrate upon your internal nature, you automatically become one with that which in turn is projecting things upon you.

And for what it’s worth I’ll turn this over to some questions. Yes ...

Q and A

File 2

5 minutes. Many opinions are rooted in a certain amount of validity on both sides. I wasn’t there. Some people say Christ was a politician. But I found that some of his accounts correspond with experiences of people who were enlightened. “I and the father are one” is one of these. I believe there are brief moments when you can stop your thoughts. In Zen they talk about killing the mind, but it’s very hard to kill your own mind. It’s usually precipitated by an external cause. Truth has no religion all locked up for itself.

Paul Wood, looked alike a double for Crazy Guggenheim on the Jackie Gleason show.

Min 10 In our comprehension there is nothing beyond the Absolute. If there is something, it’s beyond our comprehension.

R. No. I looked up Pulyan after this thing happened, in order to – I studied transmission with him.

But the [my] original experience didn’t occur as a result of that experience. I realized I needed to convey. I didn’t have – just because something happened to you, a change of being, doesn’t mean you’re able to help somebody else into this situation.

So you go back to the drawing board and start trying to communicate with people, with a language that you really don’t need.[?] Because when you get to a certain point – now we have in the group what we call rapport.

You reach a certain point in rapport where there’s no need for talking, your two heads are one. So consequently there’s something that has to be learned; something that has to be acquired. 35:30

I deliberately sought this man out to – when I saw that he was able to transmit [how?] – then I decided I wanted to be able to also. There’s a little story told in connection with that, where people who are pretending to transmit that are not enlightened, and there are people who are enlightened who can’t transmit. Paul Wood couldn’t transmit. He tried to. He tried to get everybody to read the Lord’s Prayer, but it was – it a prosaic thing.


There has to be a certain complexity of thought. Living off bananas you won’t have the mental capacity.

St. John of the Cross was put in jail. There’s no point in not doing anything. You’re going to have plenty of time in the cemetery. You don’t get the answer right away, and if you don’t get the answer right away you’ll bound to be disgusted. First year I devote to getting them off dope. If you want milk from your cows you keep them contented. All my meditation is done on my feet. I go for walks. If you have 16 running faucets you won’t build up much pressure. Noise at min 44