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Title 1976-0729-Energy-Entities-group-meeting-Pittsburgh
Recorded date July 29, 1976
Location Pittsburgh group meeting
Number of tapes Two tapes: 1 90 minutes, both sides. Second tape is 13 minutes only

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Source N
No. of MP3 files 3 files: 46 min; 47 min; 13 min
Total time 106 minutes = 1 hr 46 min
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Remarks This is a group meeting. This is same as 1978-0406-Group-Meeting-Pittsburgh

Not to be confused with"Energy and Entities LECTURE" on same date.

Opens with someone reading extracts from RR on energy conservation and transmutation. RR doesn't speak until approximately minute 17:00

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This is same as 1978-0406-Group-Meeting-Pittsburgh

Title, etc

“Energy and Entities” – group meeting

RR: The ant's view of the anthill - analogy with how we see life. Energy conservation and entities. The laboratory is in your own head. You can only examine the mind with the mind.

File 1

46 minutes.

Opens with 16 minute reading by someone.

The meeting begins with someone reading extracts from RR –

1) need to identify who is reading

2) find the original – most likely the Transmission Papers

Reading contents …

… continued … “It is my opinion that there are a limited number of explanations for this suffering. We must always realize that a view from the direct-mind or the Absolute mind will give us another explanation.” [end of reading] Minute 17:10

RR - I wonder if people understand this. I’m curious as to why there weren’t questions as to what is meant there. Everyone seems to just accept it. Myself, I would be wanting to say, “hey, what do you mean? what are you talking about?”

Q …

RR – It’s a fair concept; a lot of people here are familiar with that writing. It’s fair to presume that when you reach another viewpoint, the view from the anthill is different from the view from the Pentagon. An ant looking at you and you looking at the ant. The karmic, if they believe in karma, if they [the ants] have any ethics or morality-explanation of why you tramp on their anthill – might be entirely different from your justification for tramping on their anthill. So they think they’ve done something wrong, maybe they’ll offer a human sacrifice, barbecue a grasshopper or something, to try to ward off people tramping on their anthill. Whereas for the guy that tramps on the anthill it may be nothing at all. He didn’t even mean to tramp on it, he stumbled over it.

This is the analogy of trying to figure out why things happen to us on the relative plane when there may be another perspective. Just taking, just using the word “infinite”, an infinite perspective, would be entirely different. And you would expect it to be entirely different.

Because everything we’re saying – we’re talking about human justice, human hopes, human fears – and we’re complaining: Why do things happen? And what were we saying, about what is happening on the human plane?

Q – Suffering.

RR – Right. Like a child dying, or losing your parents. Or losing your house or your fortune, or getting cancer. Which to us, no matter how philosophic you get, you would find out that if you got cancer you would develop a different philosophy. For the duration of the cancer. You might lean toward a fatalistic philosophy, leave it in the hands of God.

When they develop that cancer, a lot of people immediately turn their back on whatever religion they were into and say, “Hey, what in the hell is going on here? I had this thing planned according to a relative dream.” Or a karmic philosophy: “I did good, so that only good could happen to me.”

Q – Which means that there may not be actually injustice in what we’re doing.

RR – Right. Or our idea of justice is comprehendible, but that’s just our idea of justice. Like the foot on the anthill. It means nothing, but it’s the difference of whether you’re alive or dead, whether you die fast or slow. If there is such a thing as fast or slow. The only thing you can understand – the concept of the Absolute, like Einstein’s concept of the law of relativity. You don’t have to go into esoteric philosophy. But regardless, it’s still, like he says, … I was curious as to why nobody said, “Hey, how do you know you’re going to comprehend…? How do you know you’re going to look at things differently from the absolute?

Q – I was going to talk about another way we spend our energy. The formula, physical equals mental equals spiritual, or if you change it around, spiritual equals mental equals physical, and if you do it that way you realize that playing all these mundane little games, and you’re using up all your physical energy, and if you look at that and go back to the formula and see the ”s” in the beginning [of the formula] for spiritual and you realize that there’s almost nothing there. And this I think is a black and white illustration of where your life is going. Where the spiritual energy is almost deficient or almost totally nonexistent because of all the games down in the physical or even the mental levels. I think these are bugs that keep you in certain lifestyles, certain states of mind, certain tendencies, certain frequencies. And through this use of tension, and constantly less and less bullshit you slowly get away from these bugs. A lot of people think the bugs have whiskers and claws, and you realize there just could be a simple thing that keep you in simple tendencies, that keep this formula almost deficient in the spiritual realm. As far as the important thing to remember, as far as bugs, they’re not these crawly little things deep inside your mind like Colin Wilson made you think. They could be simple things that just keep you in tendencies or thought patterns or bad moods or good moods or whatever.

RR – Couldn’t it be some little creature inducing the certain type of thought in your mind, though?

Q – Yeah. Yeah but I wanted to, sometimes a lot when I think of bugs [] like if you’re nervous all the time it might not be a bug keeping you nervous, being that your body is proportionate to your mind or directly proportionate, That If you’re using all your, if you’re burning all your quantum into your nervousness it could be a simple thought kinetic [?]. I was just trying to show the result and not, it didn’t matter if they have spiny legs or whatever. What matters is that every day you wake up and ….

RR – The thing is, you have two distinct schools of thought on the matter. That’s important to view. One of them is the modernistic school of thought in which there is nothing except that which we cause. And that these are all states of mind that we bring upon ourselves by being nervous or by allowing ourselves to be nervous or allowing ourselves to be impressed with some fixation from our parents or some social conditioning. They like to blame up a lot on that you know. On the other hand there’s a possibility that all of these things are the victim of, all these things just mentioned are the victims of an entity or a group of entities, or entity-like. So the social structure, the whole pattern of life from the amoeba up to the elephant is all governed by agencies not visible to the human eye.

Q. Are the spirits?

RR – Entities. Other dimensional entities. Fifth dimensional, six dimensional entities.

Q. How would you explain why psychologist can go back and say that you read said because your mother, you know, had a bad relationship with your father?

RR – they may be telling the truth.

Q – would you have an explanation of how that would kill the bug?

RR – that wouldn’t kill the bug. That will not kill the bug. They’re not doing it that way. All they’re saying is that your mother had a bug too; your grandfather had a bug. But they’re not saying that it’s a bug, they’re just saying that well, you’ve got a desire to make love to your mother, that’s one of the old clichés they used to get guys in the army on. If they wanted to kick a guy down the steps in a hurry then that started it. That started the stream[?] Of self degradation and make him a viable candidate for the Marines.

Q – I think that if the psychoanalyst tells you that you want to make love to your mother and all this time you felt guilty about it, and he shows it to you, maybe you won’t feel guilty about it. You won’t be feeding the bug, see?

RR – Maybe you could make love to your mother without feeling guilty. [laughter]

Q – Well, is there any value in what psychology could it have to tell us?

RR – sure. Sure. If nothing else, it gives you something to think about. It takes you inside yourself. Just because they don’t go far enough back in their radical beginning, the cause, doesn’t mean that you can’t use the psychological systems of today for contemplation. It’s better to think about guilt complex is or certain syndromes that are manifestly evident, than say, “ well, that isn’t going to prove to me the cause of the syndrome so I won’t think about it.” He couldn’t face the syndrome.

Q – it seems to me that there’s been such correlation between what the psychologist bring out, psychological reasons, it’s been shown that when some of these are brought out people do seem to respond. So it seems to me there some correlation.

RR – I don’t know about that. I don’t know. Because all the experience I’ve had talking to people who have been to psychiatrists, psychologists and etc., and even accounts I’ve watched on television, the discussion groups, they say “how long have you been here?” these people are emoting and running around screaming and doing whatever they feel like doing, hoping that it will free them from something. They’ve been doing that for seven years. Coming in there once a week to scream. And saying, “Oh, how much better I feel.” But there’s never a cure. And this is like Janov’s primal therapy. This is a known fact that these people go back and go back and go back. What the hell is cured if you have to go back? Stop min 29:10.

File 2

47 minutes.

Q&A session. Direct introspection. Observe the process. Voices. Entities are relative creatures. The mind is a dimension. Mary Baker Eddy. Mental energy. Find ways and means to study these mental objects. Many other topics. Start by putting house in order. Make a commitment to yourself.

File 3

13 minutes.

Spiritual energy = that which solves the problem, that which carries you to the experience and back. The quantum. (Healing is misuse of this energy.) The vector. Rolf Alexander.

Side 4


== end ==