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Title 1976-0726-Energy-Entities-Lecture-Pittsburgh-Misnamed
Recorded date July 26 (or 29), 1976 // or April 6, 1978 or February 4, 1977 (see notes)
Location Pittsburgh
Number of tapes 2 @ 90 min
Other recorders audible? Yes
Alternate versions exist?
Source N
No. of MP3 files Four files: 37 min; 45 min; 45 min; 45 min
Total time 172 minutes = 2 hrs 52 min
Transcription status Stub (below)
Link to distribution copy http://distribution.direct-mind.org/
Link to PDF http://distribution.direct-mind.org/ Or try http://selfdefinition.org/rose/
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Published on which website?
Remarks MISNAMED - R does not talk about E&E in this meeting. Name comes from meeting on same day
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URL at direct-mind.org https://www.direct-mind.org/index.php?title=1976-0726-Energy-Entities-Lecture-Pittsburgh-Misnamed
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Revision timestamp 20150222142224


Side 3 and 4 are verbatim of side 1 and 2 of Pittsburgh 2/4/1977.

Either this tape is mislabeled or the other is mislabeled.

Date issues

July 26 (or 29), 1976 // or April 6, 1978 or February 4, 1977 (see above)

Confusion. Another note says "This is being transcribed 1978-0406-Zen-The-Most-Perfect-Psychoanalysis-Pitt


Tapes SN

Tape 1 (side 1 = 37 minutes; side 2 = 45 minutes)

Tape 2 (side 3 = 45 minutes; side 4 = 45 minutes)

Audio quality is poor but audible (words are clear).

Telephone spectrum. Playback speed is faster than the recording, raising pitch. Side 1 volume low

File 1

37 minutes.

Zen isn’t the only path.

Whatever takes you to yourself.

Reads from A. Huxley, on drug experiences. This kind of writing encouraged RR to begin speaking.

The majority of man are robots, adjusted to prison life. Vegetating.

What is true psychology?

Santanelli knew the human mind.

Some hypnotists can go directly to the mind of man.

Gurdjieff could do things with the human mind.

Modern psychologists creating dishrags, medicating people.

People looking for values are accused of being psychotic, escapist.

I have spent the last few years arguing reason about the unreasonable.

Need questions from the audience.

Tension necessary for enlightenment.

Psychology’s definition of sanity is conformity.

My definition? Retreat from garbage.

It is sane not to take poison.

Sanity is that which is.

A state which is closest to the essence of man.

Science today is a paradigm, a set of symbols which seems to work until it blows up.

Real sanity comes from looking inside yourself.

Freud etc. confused the western world.

Frankel better, looking for meaning, but more interested in writing the book than saving his wife.

File 2

45 minutes.

Skinnerians are calling the shots in this country today.

Reason for all the pornography shops; masturbating the lions; comes from Washington DC.

RR has respect for Jung.

A religion should have no utility value besides sanity, knowing who you are.

Not for improving business.

Ramana Maharshi describes the ecstatic state (cosmic consciousness) as Kevala Samadhi, state beyond is Sahaja. Bucket in well, drop in ocean. Man one with God.

Satori is wow.

I can’t define word God.

It’s nice to get up and say nice things, but this is a jungle.

Commitment I made before I found.

The more I searched the more enraged I became.

Later tried to talk to people, they weren’t interested. Now there seems to be interest.

No wisdom behind educational system; simply humanism, getting people to work. Authority as opposed to learning.

When I was young there was sexual repression; now it’s just the opposite.

Keep studying the mind; meditation; learn how to keep from outwitting yourself.

I don’t advocated peace-of-mind meditation.

Study trauma; how you outwitted yourself; unfortunate experience that really shook you up, study that.

Gurdjieff’s 4 levels of man, experience on graduation from state. Emotional man can study logic.

Reason has limits, whole world is transitory. Realizes that logic is foolishness.

Logic appeals to our vanity.

Dream state.

Don’t begin with abstract, imagining that this is an illusion.

Watch your body’s actions; watch your mind.

You are the observer. Anything you can watch is not you.

You begin to live in awareness.

You don’t strip away your personality; when you look at it, it simply fades.

A leech is not you.

Losing things in the way Paul Wood did: you lose them because you had acquired them as an ego. Status (e.g., as an engineer) is a prop.

You have to make truth your top priority.

Law of proportional returns.

It’s a spiritual jungle and you have to fight as a man.

Everybody gets wise; every old man or woman will have something to tell you before they die.

TM good for traumatic people.

Pollyanna: “spirituality is love” etc. If people know you are compassionate you will get leaners in your group.

File 3

45 minutes.

No reason to give obedience to a religion just because you were born into it.

You can’t acquire a state of being, you just change.

After-death experiences are correlated with state of person prior.

An instinctive man won’t be able to make a leap to an absolute state, but will go through changes, dropping an ego that separates them from themselves.

Satori – can walk away from it, not enlightenment; no one walks away from death.

Cosmic consciousness, Bucke’s research, accompanied by light.

People want bliss, but it’s trauma to discover and live with the fact that you’re nothing. But you are also everything.

Nothing-and-everything is the keynote of the enlightenment experience. You should never postulate the symptoms ahead of time but let the chips fall as they may.

Kevala the mind is alive,

Sahaja the mind is dead.

“Killing the mind.” Kevala the mind is sunk in light;

Sahaja the mind is resolved into the Self. Kevala the bucket in the well, can be drawn back (into life); Sahaja like as river discharged into the ocean and identity lost, cannot be redirected, identity lost. Reads from recent writing:

Thought is a vision.

Associated with action or reaction.

Mental phenomena.

Dreams, visualizations. Mirage. Hologram.

Visualizing objects, processes. Thinking is a process, thought is a vision.

Thinking about thinking.

Thought is tied to memory.

Most dream-vision is forgotten.

Leads to new meaning to the word reality. There are times in this life when your belief in reality is shaken.

There are times when our whole understanding seems absurd.

So aim is to have more accurate appraisal.

This line of thinking shows that man is unsure of reality.

This is a prolonged bit of evaluation intended as something of a koan.

The eye that looks upon God is the same eye that God looks upon man.

File 4

45 minutes.

After you concentrate on your internal nature you become one with what is projecting things on you.

Q about Christ.

Some aspects suggest a politician, others in tune with being an enlightened man: I and the father are one.”

His admonition to believe in him is analogous to believing in yourself.

Atman and Brahman are one.

It’s very hard to kill your own mind; generally the result of an accident.

The highest state in Raja Yoga is the same as Sahaja Samadhi.

Truth has no religion locked up to itself. It’s in each man.

Relates story of Paul Wood.


The mass mind of mankind is the creator of this illusion.

Space-time continuum.

In my day there weren’t as many books and teachers but there were just as many thieves.

Going by the yardsticks can save you a lot of time.

In enlightenment there is no right or left; when you are, you are.

People adopt holy facial expressions expecting a transformation.

If you want to be honest with yourself you realize you’re not running this show. You can’t even control your own thoughts.

But you can operate with that knowledge, with the possibility that we’re not helpless; so you become.

The head busts.

Reincarnation is not proven and can be a rationalization for inaction. We must act in this life.

Don’t try to imitate the symptoms of another man.

Q on helping. What else can you do except look for yourself, unless you’re a hypocrite? Zen has no utilitarian value.

Our essences have value. But utilitarian value is simply Vaseline if you don’t know who is being helped.

Spiritual ego of wishing to live forever is dropped when you face extinction.

Everything you have done is in the computer. Learned transmission from


Have to communicate with people.

Rapport. Has to be learned.

Deliberately sought him out when I found out he could transmit.

There has to be a certain complexity of thought, plus trauma, for a man to achieve (contrary to primitive existence).

More Q&A.

RR spent years in peace but it was struggle and despair that led to his discovery.

On students – the first two years are devoted to getting them off dope. Bucke says one in a million.

Diet isn’t important. Becomes a ritual.

To give formulas might help one person but damage another.

Need to build pressure.

I’m free of happiness.

Everything is in the head of the magician.