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Title 1976-0304-Group-Meeting-with-Rose-Pittsburgh
Recorded date March 4, 1976
Location Pittsburgh, PA
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Source SN 1 x 60
No. of MP3 files 31 + 32 = 63 min
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Remarks Bob Martin tells long story about meeting Einstein. Big argument over Meher Baba.
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File 1

? minutes.

RR doesn’t speak for the first 5 minutes. Lot of people in the room.

Some think that positive thinking is keeping up with the Jones. Some think that positive thinking is going contrary to that.

Family state of mind.


There are decided states of mind. Different populations widely separated.

Kid has to readjust to state of mind of other kids. Different races, e.g., Slavic vs. Italian. Very different emotions.

Different races isolated hundreds of years. Chemistry of the body could be affected by the state of mind.

Half of the wisdom of the world is knowing what is. People want to change it without knowing what it is.

Politics. Getting funded.

Meher Baba.

You can’t thrust a God-experience on anybody.

I think Meher Baba was a phony. He was a zapper. It has to do with poser. There’s no need for it beyond a certain point. Done for money.

Book – “God is my Adventure” [Rom Landau]

Back and forth with person over Meher Baba (claims Meher Baba is his master).

See, I could tell you there’s a man named George Sevard (sp?) and he zapped me after he died and he told me to tell you certain things and we should hold these things as true without question. And if we allow this type of argument, then we go nowhere.

Some more back and forth with the Meher Baba devotee.

[end of side]

File 2

31 minutes.

Q – Long story by Bob Martin. Talks about consciousness, prophesy, comparing plucking of a string. Very entertaining story about meeting Einstein in 1939. Hid behind a tree on campus, got invited to his house, got a favorable of a paper he had written, etc.

[5 second gap at min 3.45 deleted]

[This is only part of Bob Martin’s talk, because at minute 17 he says he had been speaking 45 minutes.]

Minute 19 – starts talking about Richard Rose

The next man that I met, that had a great influence on my philosophy, was Richard Rose.

Talks about RR visiting him in Cleveland after his experience in Seattle.

Says a few words only about RR.

Bob says he studied Brunton, Rosicrucians, yoga.

Bob had some kind of exaltation (Kevala?) experience, lasted a couple weeks, then tapered off. 1958.