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This is a different lecture than was published with the same title in Direct-Mind Experience.

This tape has two different dates/names 1) 1975-1119-Lecture-at-Boston-College-from-DME and 2) 1977-0311-University-Maryland-Baltimore.

This version is better quality audio than U. Maryland.

B. Marshall's tapes and D. Mettle's tapes are both labeled 1975-1119-Boston-College.

MJ has both versions (same audio, different audio quality).

Or this could be 1975-1118-Brown-University-missing-tape, but that is in Rhode Island.


Notes have already been made for this talk here: 1977-0311-University-Maryland-Baltimore

At min 9:45 side 1 Rose mentions Gary Gilmore, who was executed Jan 19, 1977. This is a hard date. Talk cannot be 11/19/1975.

Gilmore's murder trial was October 5, 1976, so he wasn't even convicted to death in Nov. 1975