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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article Feb 15, 1974 (Google says 1975)

>> Note, this is for Thursday 2/21/1974 at Pitt 1974-0221-Zen-and-Esoteric-Spiritual-Paths-Pitt-missing-tape

>> and 2/27/1974 at CMU 1974-0227-Carnegie-Mellon-missing-tape

Pitt, CMU Slate Lectures on Zen

A lecture series on "Zen and Esoteric Spiritual Paths" will be given by Richard Rose at 8 p.m. Thursday [Feb 21] Student Union, University of Pittsburgh, and 8 p.m., Feb. 27, Hunt Library, Carnegie Mellon University.

Rose is the founder of the Pyramid Zen Society which has four college chapters in the Tri-State. The group employs meditation and confrontation techniques taken from Zen Buddhism and the Gurdjieff-Ouspensky system.

Link at Google News -- Paper says 1974 but Google says 1975

[note, there are two Pyramid Zen articles on this page]